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To Eat One's Fill (喰い足る, Kuitaru) is the thirty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



April has arrived, Haise Sasaki became a year older, and the promotion ceremony is underway. Sasaki, the Quinx Squad, and many of their comrades have been promoted, with Tooru Mutsuki getting the honor of a double promotion. Matsuri Washuu and Juuzou Suzuya were the only two investigators to reach Special Class. Sasaki is impressed with Suzuya becoming a Special Class at only 22 years-old, like Kishou Arima. Afterwards, everyone celebrates at a banquet and Sasaki and Akira Mado complement each other on their achievements. Though not Suzuya's level, their new ranks are also considered impressive for their ages. Sasaki is able to coax Akira into a hug but is surprised by it. The Quinx Squad and Takeomi Kuroiwa feast and congratulate each other. Takeomi congratulates Kuki Urie who’s curtly receptive but preoccupied with feeling dissatisfied despite getting recognition. Takeomi's father, Iwao Kuroiwa, comes by to see his son and other promotees. He notices Urie and pats his shoulder. Though saying nothing, internally, Urie's disgusted.

Ginshi Shirazu and Mutsuki are impressed by Kuroiwa’s charisma, but their adulations are cut short when Sasaki arrives to tell Shirazu that his quinque is almost ready. Akira compliments Shirazu on having found a great quinque in Nutcracker. They exchange a few more words before Akira and Sasaki go to mingle.

Later when Akira and Sasaki are alone, Akira asks about Hinami Fueguchi and Sasaki quickly lists all the ways she’s been useful. Despite being a valuable informant, Akira reminds him that his ownership rights are almost over, so he should quickly decide what to do with her. Sasaki notes the tension she exudes every time Fueguchi is brought up. Later, Sasaki washes his face in the bathroom sink and reflects on Akira’s and Fueguchi’s relationship. Fueguchi is a suspect in the death of Kureo Mado, Akira’s father. As long as Sasaki has Fueguchi’s ownership rights, Akira can’t touch her and the more time passes, the more upset she becomes over Fueguchi’s continued existence. Even so, Sasaki thinks of "Kaneki" and preserving her for his sake.

Sasaki suddenly feels a sharp pain behind his eyes and starts seeing hazy flashbacks. He remembers meeting Kureo Mado and has a brief vision of Touka Kirishima in her disguise. The flashbacks have become more frequent since the Auction Mopping-up Operation. The mental projection of “Kaneki” begins to come into sight and speaks with Sasaki. He explains their relationship as two entities coexisting in the same body and compares themselves to a cordyceps and its host. He explains how the parasitic fungus operates, burrowing into its victim and taking control until only a husk is left. He warns Sasaki that they cannot coexist permanently as the more Sasaki remembers, the more his identity will cease.

At the Tsukiyama Estate, Kanae von Rosewald waters the garden and remembers his past. As a child, back in Germany, his family had been annihilated by Ghoul Investigators and he was left the sole survivor. Staying in the Tsukiyama household afterwards, the other servants talk and are unsure about having him around. Shuu Tsukiyama approaches Kanae and converses kindly, but Kanae is too shy. Shuu notes that Kanae’s name means “Forest of Roses”, so takes him to the Tsukiyama garden to show him a “real forest of roses”. Kanae is in awe of the beauty. Shuu gives Kanae a Duftwolke, a type of German rose, and tells him to live beautifully and proudly like that rose. In the present, Shuu is bedridden and complains of being in pain and uncomfortable. Kanae weeps for his master whose body is encased in its own kagune.