With the Lord (主と, Shu to) is a one-shot chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Over a month has passed since the Auction Mopping-up Operation and it is Christmas Eve. Haise Sasaki and the Quinx Squad prepare for a party at The Chateau. Sasaki and Saiko Yonebayashi are in good spirits and Ginshi Shirazu and Tooru Mutsuki are relieved to finally have a day off. Even Yonebayashi is helping by decorating the tree, although her attempts leave much room for desire.

Mutsuki and Ginshi watch Sasaki amused by his positive energy, until he demands they work too. Sasaki asks Shirazu to help Yonebayashi decorate the tree and they bicker in the meantime. Sasaki tries to get them to settle down. Mutsuki goes to take inventory of the pantry and writes a list of necessities. He catches Kuki Urie who's on the way out to the gym and disappointed by his lack of participation, asks him to do the shopping. Urie protests, but Mutsuki nags him until he gives in.

Kuramoto Itou and Takeomi Kuroiwa arrive first and they settle in quickly, making small talk and playing video games. Soon after, Juuzou Suzuya and Hanbee Abara arrive as well, with Suzuya mistaking Christmas for Halloween to Sasaki’s confusion. As the party rolls on, it becomes a lively affair with most of the guests enjoying themselves in the living room while Hanbee and Sasaki chat a small distance away. Finally, Kishou Arima and Akira Mado arrive.

Meanwhile, Urie is still running errands and is confused by the list Mutsuki gave him. He wrote several things, but nothing is in exact quantities. He mentally curses Mutsuki.

Later on, everyone is gathered for dinner. They talk about how the Quinx have become famous throughout the CCG and future plans for more. The conversation drifts to the upcoming awards ceremony, and Yonebayashi and Shirazu are particularly excited (for higher pay).

Conversation drifts towards Arima and the crazy rumors surrounding him. They banter about them, like Arima having defeated a ghoul with an umbrella, ghouls being so frightened that they faint at the sight of him, and that he had fallen asleep during a fight. Some of the rumors have some truth to them. The group continues to chat and tease each other until Sasaki brings out gifts for his squad. Later, Sasaki and Arima are alone and Sasaki also gives him a gift. Arima is surprised, but Sasaki feels indebted to Arima and gives him a horse tiepin.

The night is wrapping and Sasaki the Quinx get ready to turn in or do a few chores. Alone in his room, Sasaki wonders about Kaneki. He wants to know more about him, but is unaware of where to begin and only knows that he has a lot of friends.

At re, Uta and Renji Yomo talk about Ken Kaneki. Yomo is concerned and wants to know what the Clowns are planning, but Uta denies knowing anything. Uta wants to know :re’s plans, but Touka Kirishima is ambiguous. He compliments Touka’s coffee and before taking his leave, states that to him, Kaneki is a “special customer”.

The next day, Shirazu wakes Sasaki up to show him a present that was left mysteriously. Inside is a strange mask addressed from HySy ArtMask Studio. Shirazu and Mutsuki wonder about it until Sasaki states it’s “Eyepatch” after his mental projection of Kaneki confirms it. Sasaki quickly changes the subject when his subordinates become confused. They find one more present sent as a birthday gift; an autographed volume of “The Hanged Man’s MacGuffin” signed to Ken Kaneki.

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  • Cover page says "Even though I thought, I was alone." (ひとるだと、おもってだのに, Hitoru da to, omotte da noni)

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