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Piyyut (ピュート, Pyūto) is the thirty-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Haise Sasaki's consciousness is split as he fights Seidou Takizawa whose insanity is fueled by his incomplete kakuja and speaks with his mental projection of “Kaneki”. They have a face-to-face conversation for the first time, and Sasaki admits his fears and hesitation about his past. Even as they speak, he feels his conscious slipping to the point that he doesn't even know who's controlling the body. Between Sasaki fighting for dominance in his mind and fighting Takizawa in the real world, he feels that they'll both disappear at the rate they're going. “Kaneki” tries to convince Sasaki that his preconceived notions about him are wrong, that he is not as strong as Sasaki thinks. Suddenly, the monstrous form Sasaki always saw Kaneki as transforms into that of a normal looking child. “Kaneki” cries and begs not to be erased.

It's then that Sasaki realizes that "Kaneki" was just as afraid of disappearing as he was and forms a new resolve. Sasaki wants to protect “Kaneki”. In the real world, Sasaki has been pinned by Takizawa, but he bites his ear off and eats it. In a burst of strength, he and Takizawa impale each other with their kagune at the same time then fall as their fight comes to a draw. Saiko Yonebayashi and Hinami Fueguchi look on in shock from afar. Before Hinami can make her next move, she's suddenly surrounded by S3 Squad members.

The day the Auction Mopping-up Operation took place, another mission was going on at the same time elsewhere. A cargo of quinque steel was being transported with the S3 Squad as the escort. As the CCG predicted, Aogiri Tree attacked the transport but was fended off. As soon as that mission was complete, the Ghoul Investigators taking part in the escort rushed over to Zeum hall to provide backup. The forces overwhelming, Aogiri, the Clowns, and Kanae von Rosewald, Matsumae, and Shuu Tsukiyama's father flee. Livid, Ayato Kirishima wants to find Hinami, but Naki holds him back and he's forced to retreat.

Hinami sees Kishou Arima approach and recognizes him as the "Death God of CCG". Her body is still injured and exhausted from her fight with Takizawa; she doesn't have the energy for either fight or flight. Hopeless, she resigns herself to death and waits for Arima to come for her. Arima halts as Sasaki trudges towards him, pleading with him to stop. Akira Mado arrives through another part of the room and is about to call out to Sasaki when she spots Takizawa. She tries to call out to him instead, but Takizawa giggles and hides his face having seen her as well. She watches helplessly as Takizawa, the mysterious ghoul who terrorized the operation, runs off.

Meanwhile, Ginshi Shirazu sits alone in the monitor room mulling over what he did. In the underground storehouse, Tooru Mutsuki rests with Sasaki's coat still wrapped around him and Kuki Urie listens as investigators praise Takeomi Kuroiwa for breaking a ghoul's neck with his bare hands. An accomplishment that has not been seen since Koutarou Amon. Near the area where Aogiri attacked the escort, a robed giant stood surrounded by bodies. The assailant wasn't identified, but evidence of cannibalism was found.

Arima calls out Sasaki's name questionably and shifts his quinque in his hand while Yonebayashi watches from afar nervously. When Sasaki reaches Arima, he claims to have been the one to defeat Hinami and asks for the ownership rights. Arima eyes him before turning and calling in the medical team. Sasaki spots the child mental projection of “Kaneki”, looking at him with his finger to his mouth. Sasaki lied.


  • A piyyut is a Jewish liturgical poem. For more information, see piyyut.