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Freeze (凍る, Kōru) is the thirtieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Naki frantically tells Ayato Kirishima that a large number of Doves are coming their way. Ayato, knowing of the risks associated with the Doves, states urgently that they must hurry. Miza then tells Ayato to not spread the forces out too thin, as the Doves are gaining ground and most of the ghouls are already out of operation. Reinforcement arrives from underground and Miza tells everyone to backup Ayato and Naki with all their power.

In the Grand Hall Hinami Fueguchi, who is protecting a severely hurt Haise Sasaki, confronts Seidou Takizawa. Takizawa wishing to kill off Haise, asks Hinami why she is getting in his way, but Hinami proclaims that he is still of use to Aogiri Tree. She calmly asks Takizawa to return to the entrance and help back up Black Rabbit and the others. Without warning, a fight breaks out between Takizawa and Hinami. Takizawa states that Hinami too should return to her post and he will take care of the trash by eating it. While fighting, Hinami remembers when she was first getting to know Haise as Ken Kaneki. He taught her about Kanji, and recalls how refreshing it was that Kaneki found words to be beautiful. Hinami questions Haise's existence but decides to protect him, even if he might be just an empty vessel.

With a strong resolve to protect Haise, Hinami states that she won’t let him fight alone anymore. She fiercely attacks Takizawa, severing his arm. Her attacks are strong enough to inflict pain on Takizawa and he compliments her on her strength. However, it's not enough to stop him, and Takizawa quickly heals and reattaches his arm. He begins to form his kakuja.

In the stands, Haise awakens and his eyes have healed. He sees Hinami protecting him and is confused. His head throbs and he hears a voice telling him to choose.

In the underground warehouse, Big Madam is being chased by the Suzuya Squad. She pleads with Juuzou Suzuya, but he's focused on the mission despite their history. Juuzou signals his squad, and they increase their attacks. Hanbee Abara moves in and apologizes before severing part of her kagune. Juuzou leaps and cuts off more of Big Madam's kagune, sending her flying. He approaches Big Madam and she begs for her life, promising him anything.

Juuzou remembers his time as "Rei", sitting on Big Madam's lap, reading a book about giraffes. They were surrounded by toys and Big Madam acted motherly as she explained giraffes while they sat huddled together.

Juuzou confronts Big Madam and quietly states that all she gave him were scars. Regardless, even with all the pain Big Madam caused him, he solemnly states with a smile that he does not hold a grudge. Instead, he states that he is doing this as it is part of his job as a Ghoul Investigator. His team stands behind him patiently in the meantime. Big Madam is angered by Juuzou's speech and screams insults at him. She was about to scream that she never loved him but was taken down by the Suzuya Squad before then. Hanbee covered his ears, feeling that Juuzou didn't need to hear that. Juuzou bids farewell to his "father".

Hinami has been badly beaten by Takizawa and kneels on the ground with her kagune shredded. Takizawa's kakuja is too much and he's repeatedly banging his head against the wall while rambling madly. Hinami wants to continue protecting Haise, but he comes forward and asks her to leave. Even though he has Ken Kaneki's body, he identifies as Haise Sasaki and doesn't feel that he's the person he used to be. However, Kaneki must have been a good person for Hinami to care for him so much. Hinami tries to reach out to him, but Saiko Yonebayashi suddenly yells out. Hinami and Haise look back at a sobbing Yonebayashi who begs Haise not to go. Haise smiles and heads towards Takizawa.

Hinami decides that even without his memories, Haise isn't an empty vessel. He's still her big brother, Ken Kaneki.