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Bell (鐘, Kane) is the third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Kuki Urie, Ginshi Shirazu, and Chie Hori visit a family restaurant to negotiate information regarding Torso. Chie shows her license to them to prove her age. When Chie refuses to reveal how she knows about Torso, Urie threatens her, but she pays no need to his warning. Urie agrees to negotiate, and Chie requests either one million yen or one of Sasaki's belongings, preferably with his scent and something worn on his skin.

Chie mentions that it would be a gift for her model, Shuu Tsukiyama, because he has not been happy lately. Urie, confused, says that he would do something about it but asks for the information beforehand. Chie shows them pictures of Torso’s predation site, but will only reveal more information if Urie complies with her deal. They bid farewell to Chie, and Shirazu asks about acquiring Sasaki's belongings. Urie mentions that as long as Sasaki is their mentor, they are treated as the Quinx Squad and that no matter how much work they get done, Haise is given all the credit. Urie successfully manipulates Shirazu, to get him out of the way by suggesting that they work individually instead of together, so as to accomplish their goal faster since Shirazu might be a hindrance.

At the Chateau, the Quinx discuss Torso. Sasaki tries to take the opportunity to teach them about working together as a group but Urie and Shirazu both leave to do their ‘individual investigations’. Angered, Sasaki decides to get serious and search for Torso without them. He mentions that he would show them the limits of working individually.

The next day, Sasaki and Tooru Mutsuki visit Cochlea, where the prison's warden, Shinme Haisaki leads them to the SS level. Mutsuki is frightened by the atmosphere in Cochlea, but Sasaki reassures him. Sasaki notes that the walls are made of quinque steel and the ghoul contained is weakened due to Rc suppressants. Sasaki gets sleepy and Mutsuki worries about him. They reach Donato Porpora's room, and the two discuss Torso. Donato says that Torso might be someone who is blending in the human society; so he suggests it may be a taxi driver, which explains why Urie has been focused on taxi drivers and has been giving Sasaki numerous taxi receipts. This also makes Sasaki aware of the fact that Urie has been ahead of him all along. Donato requests Sasaki to visit him alone next time. He wants to talk about a certain case that involves him.

Sasaki then has a dream, wherein a male figure with white hair and black nails, "Kaneki," communicates with him. He says that Sasaki is the same as Donato, situation-wise, about being discarded once he is useless. Sasaki wakes up from his dream and realizes that he has fallen asleep. He then begins to immerse himself on the Torso case.

Sasaki thinks more about Torso and about what his preferences might be. He contemplates on what he and Donato discussed, and believes that the Torso removing their victims' legs may have a meaning. He then comes to the conclusion that the Torso may have a pathological possessiveness.

Hinami Fueguchi boards a taxi. When the taxi driver asks about her, she asks him to drive straight, adding that there is a message from Aogiri Tree.