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To Seek a Nest (栖求, Sukyū) is the twenty-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Tooru Mutsuki watches as Big Madam scales the walls with Kuki Urie hanging out of her mouth from the waist down. Before he can act, Mutsuki is brutally attacked by Big Madam's Scrappers. He watches helplessly, but Urie suddenly pulls Big Madam's mouth apart and kicks her away. Urie summons his kagune, which has become massive and begins to have a mental breakdown. The Scrappers attack Urie, but in his rampage, easily kills them. As he flails madly Big Madam attacks, but Urie slices through her bikaku. He tries to attack Big Madam directly, but she's too powerful. Annoyed at being underestimated, she pulverizes him.

Mutsuki crawls over to Urie whose madness starts to take a different turn. His previous rantings of self-absorption and experiencing multiple "selves" become pitiable. He admits out loud his fears and insecurities and begins to cry. Mutsuki tries to comfort him, but still in his disoriented state, Urie stabs him through the stomach. It's only then that he realizes that Mutsuki was there the entire time. Despite the injury, Mutsuki comforts Urie and empathizes with his loneliness. As he comforts Urie, Mutsuki summons his kagune for the first time and partially wraps it around him. Recovering from his breakdown, Urie focuses on the scent of blood. His initial thought is that it's from an injury, but recognizes the scent of menstrual blood. Urie then leans against Mutsuki for a moment.

Mutsuki doesn't have much time to mull over his secret being exposed when Big Madam threatens to take him and eat Urie. Before Big Madam can make her next move, the Suzuya Squad enters. Juuzou Suzuya and Big Madam confront each other for the first time in years. The whole area is now under the control of the CCG.

Investigators communicate back and forth about the current progress. Thanks to the monitor room being retaken, they were able to get the necessary data from Saiko Yonebayashi to locate the hiding ghouls. However, Haise Sasaki's tortured screams through the intercom has lowered moral. Contact with Akira Mado has also been lost. Despite his current predicament, Matsuri Washuu has decided to use Sasaki to stall.

In the Grand Hall, Seidou Takizawa sits perched over Sasaki's limp form in the stalls, his eyes having been torn out. Takizawa calmly speaks to him, though patronizingly. He talks to Sasaki about confusing things and how he's just empty and being used. Despite trying to coax more out of him, Sasaki says that he does not want to disappear, so Takizawa decides that nothing more can be done, so he'll eat him.

Yonebayashi hides a few yards away, listening in on the conversation, but is too scared to do anything. Before Takizawa can finish Sasaki off, he's almost hit by a surprise attack. Hinami Fueguchi rescues Sasaki and Takizawa complains about her getting in the way, though he seems suspiciously happy to see her.