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Situation in Disorder (場乱す, Ba imasu) is the twenty-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Seidou Takizawa makes his own sound effects as he moves so quickly he's able to run up a building while dragging Haise Sasaki. Once at the top, Takizawa throws Sasaki through the glass ceiling of the Grand Hall. Takizawa becomes excited seeing that Sasaki has landed on a stage and decides that they should put on a play. He tells Sasaki what his lines should be.

In the monitor room of the Administrative Building, Ginshi Shirazu has figured out the trick behind Nutcracker's booby traps. Shirazu, Saiko Yonebayashi, and Naoto Hayashimura regroup to go over the next plan. Hayashimura emerges and attacks Nutcracker, making her flee to the air. Shirazu then launches ukaku projectiles, hitting the ceiling. Nutcracker's trap is triggered and she's impaled by her own detachable kagune. Shirazu calls out to Yonebayashi, she then releases a power attack that can only be seen in the aftermath. Gashes and destruction lace the room. Hayashimura reacts to this and stares in shock not sure who the real monster is. Nutcracker lays injured on the floor. Shirazu approaches, thinking about Haru and the money he'll make from Nutcracker before landing the finishing blow.

Nutcracker's impoverish life flashes before her eyes and her final words are of wanting to be beautiful. Shirazu is surprised but tries to brush off her words by saying that she shouldn't say things as if she were human.

Takizawa effortlessly tosses Sasaki around, repeatedly calling him weak. Even when Sasaki uses his kagune, it has no effect. Sasaki's attack backfires as Takizawa grabs him by the kagune and slams him into the seats. Takizawa can't believe that he was compared to someone he considers so weak, then refers to Sasaki by his old name, "Kaneki Ken". Sasaki begins to have a mental breakdown.

In a hidden control room, Scarecrow sits in front of a control panel when he bumps into one of the buttons. He wonders what he pressed.

Naki and Ayato Kirishima easily kill a group of Ghoul Investigators by themselves. Two overconfident investigators plan to take on "Rabbit" by themselves assuming that he'd worn himself out. They go over their strategy to defeat him using an ukaku type ghoul's weakness, close combat, when Ayato decapitates them with a close-range attack using his crystallized kagune.

Akira Mado fights against Miza who's becoming increasingly annoyed then flees. An investigator approaches Akira and informs her that some of the younger investigators from another squad are headed towards Rabbit. They decide to form a team to counter Ayato's proficiency in close and long range combat. They head towards Rabbit's location.

With a group of Aogiri Tree members, Hinami Fueguchi listens in from a rooftop using her keen hearing to assess what the CCG will do next. She orders Miza, Ayato, and the others to retreat as the investigators are regrouping and headed towards Ayato's location.

Suddenly, a terrible scream can be heard reverberating throughout the whole center. As the confused investigators wonder about it, Takizawa can be heard next through the speakers, amazed that such a thing was made available. With an audience, he's eager to continue. Akira contacts Matsuri Washuu and demands to know who Sasaki is fighting.

Shirazu recognizes Sasaki's screams. Hayashimura permits him to leave, but he faints from exhaustion. After laying him down, Yonebayashi goes to turn on one of the monitors and is shocked by what she sees. Even more terrible and drawn out screams emanate and Hinami looks out into the distance.


  • An alternative reading of the chapter title is baransu. Thus, the chapter title is a pun on "rebalance."