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Calling Out to Within (呼居, Koiru) is the twenty-seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Ginshi Shirazu frees himself from Nutcracker's trap but is shaken. After Naoto Hayashimura defends him from one of Nutcracker's attacks, he explains her chimera kagune nature. After Hayashimura warns him to watch the floors and walls for booby traps, Shirazu attempts a long range attack with his kagune. Hayashimura is amazed by the capabilities of a "human with a kagune" while Saiko Yonebayashi cheers for Shirazu.

Hayashimura and Shirazu take turns with long and short range attacks to try and keep her on the defensive, but her koukaku is too sturdy to penetrate. Recalling Serpent who had mocked him for his weak ukaku, Shirazu becomes distracted and almost has his testicles smashed by Nutcracker. He shakes off the attack and does his best to assess the difficult situation. Even with three against one, the odds seem unfavorable, but Shirazu notices something interesting about Nutcracker's traps. He begins to wonder if she can control the detached Kagune traps or if they are moving on their own accord.

In the underground storage room, Kuki Urie contently slaughters ghouls using both his quinque and kagune. He revels in how good the power feels and the excitement of it all goes to his head. Tooru Mutsuki, from an elevated section of the room, calls out to Urie to tell him that he located Big Madam in the next room. He decides to leave Juuzou Suzuya to take care of the ghoul horde by himself while he goes after the bigger prize, Big Madam. As soon as he enters the room, he is brutally attacked by Big Madam's kagune, her massive bikaku reaching from afar. Big Madam taunts him and enjoys inflicting pain on Urie, anticipating eating him.

In the convoy, Matsuri Washuu thinks about Big Madam and her formidability. She had gained her ranking through her own brute strength and influence over other ghouls. His thoughts drift to Urie and Mutsuki who should be back already and wonders if Urie took a detour as he had hoped.

Urie tries to attack Big Madam, but she is much faster and stronger. After knocking him to the ground, Urie quickly gets back up but is subdued by Big Madam's Scrappers, who impale him with knives. When Mutsuki finally catches up, he finds Urie halfway in Big Madam's mouth, still pining for credit.

Haise Sasaki is being held in a chokehold by Seidou Takizawa at an outdoor section of Zeum hall. Takizawa claims that he has to weaken the enemy before he can talk to them, but is interrupted as Sasaki awkwardly tries to break the hold. Offended by Sasaki's crotch, Takizawa throws him against a wall and goes on a tangent about the meaning of being in first and second place. He tells Sasaki that he was "the doctor's masterpiece" and thus, wants to prove himself.

As Takizawa tosses Sasaki into the air and impales him with his kagune, Sasaki thinks of the morbidity of the situation. He has two options: die or disappear. His mental projection of his past self entices Sasaki to look at him and to say his name.