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Ah (あ, A) is the twenty-sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



In the underground storehouse of Zeum hall, Kuki Urie and Juuzou Suzuya fight against a horde of ghouls. Urie acknowledges Suzuya's skills and thinking of Takeomi Kuroiwa, he summons his kagune, not wanting to lose to him. The ghouls are baffled as to why a Dove has a kagune and one kakugan. Suzuya is impressed with Urie's power-up. Tooru Mutsuki watches from an elevated section of the storehouse wondering what to do. He is then ambushed by Aogiri grunts, and despite being scared, fights them.

Take Hirako fights No Face who nonchalantly converses with him about work and being bored. Tired of Hirako's poker face, No Face shoves the knives he had stuck into Hirako's arm earlier further in. Kuramoto Itou watches from afar concerned, but is too preoccupied with Roma Hoito to help. Roma easily kills Okamo and complains of boredom.

Itou regroups with Nobu Shimoguchi who briefly talks about the Clowns. He states how dangerous they are and is surprised that they are still around since the CCG was certain that they were exterminated after the Clown Mask Clean-Up Battle. Shimoguchi orders the group into a new formation and the fight proceeds. Itou is concerned about the Clowns' power when Ganbo, that Takeomi is fighting, breaks his quinque. Itou orders him to retreat, but he is interrupted by Roma.

Ganbo grabs Kuroiwa by the leg and hoists him into the air. He tries to take a bite, but Kuroiwa punches him in the face and climbs onto Ganbo's back. Ganbo desperately tries to get him off by knocking him into several pillars, but Kuroiwa holds on. Everyone is shocked by what is happening.

Itou mentions how ghouls are several times stronger than humans. However, there is a small fraction of the human populace whose strength rivals that of ghouls. Kuroiwa breaks Ganbo's neck with his bare hands and Itou compares him to his father. Meanwhile, having been distracted by the fight between Ganbo and Kuroiwa, Hirako takes the opportunity to stab No Face.

In the monitor room of the Administrative Building, Nutcracker watches the monitors for Mutsuki when she is attacked by Shirazu. Shirazu swears to himself having missed as Naoto Hayashimura watches with intrigue seeing a Quinx in action for the first time. Hayashimura tries to warn Shirazu not to jump, but it came too late and he is impaled by Nutcracker's detachable kagune. Hayashimura commands Saiko Yonebayashi to be his backup, but she is frightened and confused.

Nutcracker stands beneath Shirazu, letting his blood drip on her, excited to devour his testicles.