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Command (令, Rei) is the twenty-fifth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Haise Sasaki, Saiko Yonebayashi, and Ginshi Shirazu are on their way to the Administrative Building when they find Naoto Hayashimura on the ground. He informs them of what happened and that Nutcracker is up ahead. Sasaki is about to call the medical squad but is attacked by Seidou Takizawa. He is surprised that Sasaki could block his attack until he sees him heal. Shirazu calls out to Sasaki, but Sasaki demands he stay back. Hearing his name, Takizawa recognizes Sasaki and is amused by Eto's planning. Receiving a taste of Sasaki's blood from the last attack, Takizawa eagerly charges, but Sasaki pierces him with his kagune. Shirazu cheers him on, but Takizawa brushes off the attack, without fleeing. Takizawa reveals that he is a one-eyed ghoul and releases his own kagune. Deeming him too dangerous, Sasaki commands Shirazu and Yonebayashi to go with Hayashimura and run. They hesitate but eventually flee.

A safe distance away, Shirazu contacts Matsuri Washuu. He tries to report on the situation, but too nervous to speak properly, Hayashimura takes over. After telling him about Takizawa, Matsuri is shocked that a ghoul that strong somehow eluded them and figures it must have been the same one who eliminated the Atou Squad. He gives Takizawa a temporary SS~ rating and commands Sasaki to fight alone while the rest head to the Administrative Building. Shirazu is appalled that Matsuri would let Sasaki fight alone, but Hayashimura cuts in with an affirmative. Hayashimura scolds Shirazu for his behavior towards a superior and a Washuu and tells him and Yonebayashi that will fight Nutcracker. Matsuri contacts Sasaki and tells him to keep Takizawa as far away from the Administrative Building as possible.

Takizawa compliments Sasaki for being an ideal boss, letting his subordinates escape and says that his boss used to be like that too. Takizawa wants to share secrets.

After discovering the auction attendees beneath the stage of the Grand Hall, Kuki Urie convinces Tooru Mutsuki that they should stay and fight. Urie thinks things are going smoothly for him until Juuzou Suzuya appears. Worried that his credit will be snatched away, he lies about his transmitter's signal being out of reach so that backup cannot be called. Urie and Suzuya initiate their ambush as the auction attendees begin to leave.

By the Entrance area, Naki lays injured, calling out for Yamori and thinking of Gagi and Guge. The last thing he thinks of is Akira Mado telling him that he is stuck in the past before he is surrounded by a group of investigators. Before they can attack him, Ayato Kirishima swoops into his defense.

From the rooftops, Hinami Fueguchi is concerned about Ayato ditching his duty to protect Big Madam; Hayashimura, Yonebayashi, and Shirazu make it to the Administrative building where Nutcracker is; Urie and Juuzou plow through a crowd of ghouls, and Takizawa chokes Sasaki.