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Caring Feeling (撫気, Buke) is the twenty-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



As Urie escorts Mutsuki, Urie admits that he got confused due to the similar building structure and are now lost. However, Urie suggests that they head toward another squad to regroup. Mutsuki acknowledges Urie's ability to quickly formulate plans since Mutsuki feels he was unable to do anything in front of all those ghouls. Urie realizes that all the participants from the auction should be hiding somewhere in an underground facility and proceeds searching for it. Mutsuki suddenly starts bleeding, telling Urie that it is from his wound when asked about it.

Naki is shot by multiple investigators and in need of help. Yotsume notices that Akira's group is winning and expresses concern for Naki.

Hina Tougi recognizes Seidou from teaching a lecture at the Academy. Seidou also recalls Hina and Shougo Kukiyama and decapitates them, while telling them to pay attention during lecture.

Urie and Mutsuki locate where all the ghouls, including Big Madam, are hiding.

Meanwhile, Seidou is asked to relocate to the administrative building and encounters Haise, Shirazu, and Saiko.