Perry (梨酒, Rishu) is the twenty-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Nutcracker ambushes the Ooshiba Squad, engaging in a fierce battle against them. Meanwhile, Sasaki and the Quinx battle Kanae, but are interrupted by the arrival of Matsumae who seals off the hallway and escapes.

The Ooshiba Squad gains the upper hand on Nutcracker before she reveals she has a dual-kagune. She impales Ryouta Ooshiba through the leg and kills several other investigators. Ooshiba manages to get out one last distress call before Nutcracker crushes his genitals and consumes them. She then devours the face of a female investigator. Matsuri orders the Quinx to eliminate Nutcracker, who has been upgraded to an S rank. Sasaki requests that Mutsuki be allowed to withdraw for medical treatment, and the commander agrees while ordering Urie to escort him. This angers Urie, who seems to grudgingly accept his orders. However, once the teams have split he calls out to Mutsuki.

Haise Sasaki and his group are looking for any human victims and he has Urie escort Tooru out of the building as his mission is done. Urie is against this and wants credit for his achievements but Haise convinces him by explaining that Saiko and Mutsuki lack the fighting ability.

Meanwhile, Matsuri contacts the Atou Squad to order them to support the Quinx — unaware that Takizawa has already wiped them out. The former Investigator answers the radio, creating the illusion that all is well.

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