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Misrun (謬徒, Byūto) is the twenty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Seidou Takizawa swings Daisuke Atou's decapitated head around by the hair to make it easier to collect blood and drinks it from his ear. Atou's subordinates watch horrified until Ryuuta Sawaike panics and fires. While one of his teammates tries to calm him down and suggests fleeing, Takizawa kills the others one-by-one. The survivors try to escape and wait for backup, but Takizawa breaks their necks.

Kanae von Rosewald subdues Karao Saeki and pulverizes him. Annoyed, he leaves a wounded and humiliated Saeki, threatening to kill him if he cannot find Tooru Mutsuki.

Take Hirako fights No Face who dodges all his attacks with little effort while nonchalantly making small talk. Roma Hoito tries to join but is blocked by Kuramoto Itou and Takeomi Kuroiwa. Takeomi is distracted by Ganbo leaving Kuramoto to fight Roma alone. The Shibashi Squad is requested to backup Hirako, but No Face moves to an elevated part of the room and Hirako chases after him.

No Face mocks him by wearing an Arima mask and is surprised by his fervid attack. No Face suggests that Hirako is either mad or hates Arima. He demands Hirako return something and Hirako finds that his arm has been impaled with Juuzou Suzuya’s knives.

Mutsuki runs through an empty hallway, thinking about how he can move better after resting. His next concern is regrouping with a squad, but Kanae catches up to him. Kanae notices that he has healed and talks about how he can repeatedly entertain his master. Mutsuki uses a fire extinguisher to try and defend himself, but Kanae knocks him back.

Kanae tries to attack Mutsuki, but he is abruptly rescued by Haise Sasaki, who apologizes for being late. Kanae is attacked by Ginshi Shirazu and Kuki Urie. Urie retreats to inform Sasaki that Kanae is a rinkaku type. Kanae catches Sasaki's scent and demands to know if he is Haise Sasaki.

The Ooshiba Squad has infiltrated the Administrative Building in search of Big Madam unaware of Nutcracker lurking above them.