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Select (選る, Yoru, Eru, or Suguru) is the twenty-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Tooru Mutsuki runs through the halls wondering if the wounds he sustained from Karren von Rosewald will heal. He recalls when he was a junior at the Academy and overheard his peers circulating rumors about how he killed a cat and even his own family. Mutsuki thinks about how unappealing his life is and wants to meet his family.

Nobu Shimoguchi has trouble controlling his new squad. The squad leader, Shunichi Shibashi, is young, cocky, and has no respect for his leader. Shibashi ignores Shimoguchi’s orders and takes control of the team. They notice Roma Hoito among the crowd of enemies, apparent in her Clown getup. Shibashi ignores Shimoguchi again and charges Roma since the squad assumes she is an easy target. Shibashi nearly cuts Roma in half. She falls to the ground calling for help and when Shibashi approaches her, Roma reveals that her defenselessness was feigned and kills him. His squad looks horrified as Roma laughs while drinking their squad leader's blood and basking in how good he tastes. Angry at both Roma and his subordinate, Shimoguchi attacks her, but misses.

The Hirako Squad joins to try and take down Roma, but she is quick. Kuramoto Itou is at first joyed when he thinks he lands a hit but finds that Roma had evaded and Itou instead struck an unfazed No Face. The entire squad quickly backs off while Roma complains that she is being bullied, though No Face blames it on her own antics. No Face addresses Take Hirako casually.

Akira Mado fights Naki, who struggles to dodge Akira's attack. Miza warns Naki that he is at a disadvantage, but he ignores her. He tries to take advantage of what seems like Fueguchi’s flaw by attacking Akira while her weapon is extended, but it fails. Instead, Akira lands a fatal blow on Naki and he falls. She approaches Naki while taunting him, attributing his failure to being stuck in the past with Yamori. She is interrupted by Miza who tells her that it would be troublesome if Naki were to die, so Akira decides to kill him quickly. As Naki contemplates Akira's words, other investigators assemble and open fire. Gagi and Guge intercept the bullets to protect Naki to everyone's surprise. Naki weeps over their bodies and begs for them not to leave him alone.

Ayato Kirishima and Juuzou Suzuya are still fighting when Ayato receives a call from Hinami Fueguchi to tell him that Naki is outnumbered. Suzuya hides while Ayato wonders if he ran out of knives, but decides to leave. He debates over Naki and his mission to Big Madam. Still in hiding, Suzuya is relieved to see Ayato leave and remembers his promise to Sasaki.

Still badly injured, Mutsuki stumbles through the halls. He reaches a room full of dead human bodies and freezes.

As Daisuke Atou and his squad fight Nutcracker's partner, he wonders what it means for Matsuri Washuu to let the Quinx Squad go ahead. He feels that they must have more potential and is reminded of when he first saw Kishou Arima. His colleagues argued with Itsuki Marude about Arima being too young, but Marude was convinced of Arima's skills. Atou was awed by Arima's talents and felt an overwhelming sense of having come in contact with the unfairness of "God." Atou compares Arima to the genius violinist Jascha Heifetz and how his remarkable talents tormented other violinists of his time. When Arima had arrived at the CCG, everyone was filled with envy or Arimapathy. Atou thinks of how with practice and gaining experience, even average people can become capable.

Atou and his squad finally defeat Nutcracker's partner and Atou asks about casualties. All he wants is for no one else to die when Seidou Takizawa decapitates him and compares him to a freshly picked pineapple.