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Rotational Movement (回転移動, Kaiten Idō) is the twentieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Kanae von Rosewald corners Tooru Mutsuki in a storage room. Mutsuki orders him to leave having recognized him as the person from the bidding war. Kanae notes that Mutsuki has pretty eyes and refrains from insulting Mutsuki since it would mean that he is serving his master trash. Kanae tells Mutsuki that he would like to confirm his taste.

The Quinx, Atou, and Ooshiba squads fight together at the entrance. The other squads observe Haise Sasaki and his team easily execute the Aogiri grunts. They wonder why Haise has not used his kagune while Atou is distracted by how much Sasaki's moves resemble Kishou Arima's.

The squads advance when they are suddenly attacked by Nutcracker's partner. While dodging Nutcracker's partner's attacks, Sasaki views him as a formidable opponent and plans to work with Atou to fight him. Soon after, Sasaki receives orders from Matsuri Washuu to proceed forward. He is concerned, but Atou reassures him, so Sasaki sets forward with his squad.

Outside the Central Building, despite numerous investigators, they are outmatched by Naki, Gagi, and Guge. The situation worsens when Miza joins in the fight, but Akira Mado arrives with her squad while wielding Fueguchi One to retaliate. Akira and Naki notice each other, as Mado makes a face similar to her late father.

Aogiri members report to Hinami Fueguchi that the leading group of investigators (Quinx Squad) is nearing the Grand Hall. The "Spine User" (Akira) is part of the operation too. Hinami is at first disturbed but gives out the orders. Ayato's bodyguard services are no longer needed and the auction participants are to be escorted to the roof. Just then, Hinami notices that Karao Saeki is not with her.

Kanae injures Mutsuki to sample his blood. He is so infatuated with the taste that it brings him to tears and he feels that he has finally found the right ingredient for his master. Kanae is suddenly attacked by Saeki who beats him until he is bloodied. Afterward, Torso turns towards Mutsuki, relieved that he is okay, but Mutsuki runs away.

Surprised, Saeki calls Mutsuki, apologizing for having beaten him up before. Despite being injured and floored, Kanae is determined to not let Mutsuki get away. Kanae impales him through the abdomen with his kagune.

At an unknown location, Akihiro Kanou observes the operation from multiple monitors. He asks Eto if she thinks it is time to release the "Owl". She agrees then asks Seidou Takizawa if he is ready. Takizawa complains that he is hungry.