The Entrusted Helm and the Fearful Serpent (委舵と畏蛇, Ida to Ida) is the second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Haise Sasaki goes through several reference materials. Later Sasaki visits the medical office and chats with Doctor Shiba, who was reviewing the Rc levels of the Quinx Squad. If their Rc level is too high, they might not be able to eat human food anymore. There is a discussion between Sasaki and Shiba about Tooru Mutsuki, on whether or not he is fit to be a member of the Quinx Squad.

A meeting commences between Mado Squad, Hirako Squad, and Shimoguchi Squad. Sasaki talks about the previous ghoul not actually being Torso. Shimoguchi insults Sasaki about slacking off on killing ghouls. Akira Mado steps in to stop them, but to no avail. The argument heats up even further until Take Hirako decides for both teams to cooperate joint operation. He then later states that his team is going to go after Serpent and ends the meeting. Akira punches Sasaki and berates him for being naive. After the meeting, Sasaki meets up with a fellow colleague, Kuramoto Itou, who gives info on Serpent to Sasaki.

A ghoul and Serpent are seen talking together, for he wanted to gather information on Torso. Since the ghoul knew nothing about Torso, Serpent quickly kills him.

Sasaki goes to his living quarters, which he shares with the rest of the Qs. He then prepares dinner and calls Saiko Yonebayashi. However, Urie and Shirazu do not show up for dinner but are instead hunting for Torso. Urie then expresses his ambitions of wanting to be in a higher rank than Sasaki and be part of the S3 Squad. Shirazu gets ticked off by Urie’s remark and they begin to quarrel. They are stopped by Chie Hori, who reveals that she has info on Torso and is actually twenty-four years old, though she looks like a child.

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