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Party (パーティー, Pātī) is the nineteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



The CCG heads towards Zeum hall to rendezvous with Tooru Mutsuki and Juuzou Suzuya. On the way, Matsuri Washuu and Daisuke Atou review the plans, the former asking for blueprints. Atou is curious about why Matsuri wants them so early. Matsuri explains that there is more to an operation than just fighting; a proper operation takes strategy and that is the purpose of Division II.

In the convoy, Haise Sasaki goes over safety with his squad, reminding them to flee if things get bad. Saiko Yonebayashi is more than okay with the idea while Kuki Urie is annoyed with the repetitive lecture. Sasaki receives a call from Akira Mado who is informing him about the plans, but they had lost contact with Mutsuki. Sasaki and his squad (save for Urie) are concerned for Mutsuki and want to find him quickly.

As they arrive at Zeum Hall, Matsuri informs the troops of their goals: eliminate the ghouls, Big Madam in particular, and to prioritize the safety of the civilians. However, Matsuri thinks about the absurdity of prioritizing civilians' safety when the real goal is Big Madam. For image reasons, the contrary is stated. Matsuri is primarily concerned with gaining a promotion to Special Class.

At Zeum Hall’s Grand Hall, Hinami Fueguchi and Ayato Kirishima try to assess the area outside, but Hinami's senses are overloaded. She is eventually able to identify that the enemies are coming through the front and sides, surrounding them. Ayato orders Naki and Miza to make a hole in the fleets while he guards Big Madam. Karao Saeki panics, so Hinami orders him to go with her.

Juuzou and Big Madam notice each other, but they are interrupted by Ayato. Big Madam flees while Juuzou and Ayato fight. Meanwhile, Karren von Rosewald and Matsumae struggle in the stands. Kanae deigns to kidnap Mutsuki for his master.

Outside, the CCG demands that the ghouls surrender peacefully. Naki is confused by the wording to Miza's annoyance. Naki charges at the incoming investigators, irritating Miza even more. Miza informs Hinami about Naki's actions but plans to stay with him. Saeki notices Nutcracker dragging Mutsuki away from the other end of the hall.

The Investigators are aware that Naki is among the fray, so they call for backup. Matsuri orders several squads into position and to not let a single ghoul escape. Still wandering the halls, Nutcracker is unaware of the invasion and wonders what the commotion is about. While distracted, Mutsuki trips her and runs away, leaving Nutcracker exclaiming her money.

Juuzou and Ayato fight one-on-one. The audience has already fled the area. Juuzou pulls his bothersome wig off while assessing the situation. Fighting Rabbit without 13's (Juuzou's) Jason is difficult and he wishes his partner would hurry.

Successfully escaped from Nutcracker, Mutsuki hides and recalls what had happened on stage. No Face’s words had distressed him, but he tries to focus on the most important detail. Information about the operation had somehow leaked. Before he can consider anything further, he is discovered by Kanae.