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Ferry (渡し舟, Watashibune) is the eighteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Tooru Mutsuki is being sold on stage at the auction as merchandise. He tries not to panic while assessing the situation until No Face approaches and sniffs Mutsuki, noting an unusual smell. He removes Mutsuki's eyepatch revealing to the audience that he is a one-eyed ghoul. Considered a rare item, No Face increases the bid from 1 million yen to 10 million yen, but the awed audience is not dissuaded by the sudden increase.

Madam A suddenly gets up and claims that she does not feel well. In reality, Madam A wants to avoid the conflict that follows one-eyed ghouls. Recognizing Mutsuki, Karao Saeki panics and asks Ayato Kirishima if he can participate, to Ayato's annoyance.

On stage, Mutsuki has an internal emotional breakdown as he tries to assess the situation. No Face comes up from behind Mutsuki and whispers something to him. Mutsuki looks defeated. A bidding war breaks out between Karren von Rosewald and Big Madam. Kanae wants to present Mutsuki his master while Big Madam wants a new pet.

Later, Nutcracker escorts Mutsuki away, muttering to herself about her large earnings. Nutcracker suddenly gives Mutsuki a sloppy kiss on the cheek for the money. Perplexed, Mutsuki is silently lead away.

No Face speaks to the vexed audience and prepares to present the next item. Matsumae consuls Kanae and tells him that they will do better next time. No Face presents yet another unexpected item, a girl noted for her incredible beauty and the next item comes on stage. The audience is awed by the item's doll-like features.

Someone in the audience speaks to Big Madam about the girl, but Big Madam has already taken special notice and is frozen. Before No Face begins the bid, he is interrupted by the girl who begins attacking the crowd with Scorpion 1/56 stashed in a prosthetic leg. The crowd panics realizing that the CCG has infiltrated. Big Madam is advised to flee but stays recognizing the girl as Juuzou Suzuya.