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Goat's Song (山羊のうた, Yagi no uta) is the one hundred seventy-ninth and final chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Hide recounts the events that occurred in the six years since the "Dragon War" ended and what has happened to each of the surviving and accountable people. The CCG has disbanded and is replaced with the Tokyo Security Committee, an organization consisting of both ghouls and humans who aim to keep societal peace and combat against the newly surfacing Dragon Orphans. Kaneki's family and friends gather at his house to spend time with each other. Afterwards, he, Touka and their daughter go for a walk outside and admire the blue sky.

Throughout the story, the following in revealed:

Itsuki Marude is the human director of the brand-new organization, TSC.

Katsuya Mabuchi is now Marude's assistant.

Shuu Tsukiyama is the other pillar for the TSC, and stands on the ghoul side of the equation.

Kazuichi Banjou does double duty as leading a chunk of the ghoul community while also still being one of the leaders of TSC. 

Matsuri Washuu has renamed himself into Matsuri Suzuki, divorced from his wife and now works as a member of TSC.

Kiyoko Aura became one of the teachers for the TSC's next generations. 

Mougan Tanakamaru is a monk now. 

Koori Ui is still a high-ranking member of the TSC. 

Goumasa Tokage is stabbed to death by one of his students. 

Take Hirako retires from the action and runs a funeral home.

Taishi Fura quits smoking. 

Okahira became a member of TSC's black ops team.

Kuki Urie has became an associate class and is hunting down the remaining 'dragon babies' alongside Yusa Arima.

Haru Shirazu, Shirazu's little sister, has been healed from her ROS disease.

Yukinori Shinohara recovers in his hospital and has a teary-eyed moment with Suzuya, the TSC's highest ranked dragon general. Hanbee Abara, Mizurou Tamaki, Keijin Nakarai and Miyuki Mikage continue to follow him.

Naki and Miza are married with nine children. The other White Suits, Hooguro and Shousei, remained loyal to Naki. Hoooguro marries a human.

Chie Hori, Tsukiyama's photographer human friend, continues to lead a successful career.

Dr. Chigyou is now one of the leading ghoul researchers.

Shirokae is one of the few ghouls still rampaging, and has apparently mutated into a kakuja.

Seidou "Owl" Takizawa vanishes after the war, and continues to hunt down renegade ghouls. 

Yasuhisa Kurona is apparently going all over the world to hunt down ghouls that attack humans.

Yumitsu "Hakatori" Tomoe ends up being the leader of some ghouls.

Saiko Yonebayashi recovers from her ROS, and became the mascot of the Quinx chateau. She's also the mother of the team.

Tooru Mutsuki has been forgiven.

Ayumu Hogi is still around, and apparently works alongside Mutsuki on a side branch.

Touma Higemaru, Shinsanpei Aura, and Hsiao are all still alive and doing stuff outside of the chateau. Hsiao is helping out in the research of half-humans and their short lifespan. 

Ayato Kirishima and Hinami Fueguchi are together.

Takeomi Kuroiwa and his wife Yoriko are exonerated of all crimes, have a kid, and are a happy family.

Iwao Kuroiwa apparently survives his wounds.

Misato Gori is doing well.

Renji Yomo is allowing his grand-niece to braid his hair.

The Clowns are still around. Uta still continues to try to kill Yomo in his spare time. Itori and Nico hang around Uta Itori's in love with Uta, while Nico goes around to wander the Earth, apparently, in search for love. 

Touka Kirishima and Ken Kaneki are a stable married couple raising their daughter. She is also pregnant.


  • τραγῳδία (tragōidia), Greek word for tragedy, comes from words meaning "goat song."
  • The final page is Sui Ishida thanking the readers for everything.