White and Rabbit (白と兎, Shiro to usagi) is the one hundred seventy-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Ken Kaneki kneels over Rize's dead body. Suddenly, the kagune structure they are in begins to shake. It is falling apart. Kimi Nishino watches on a screen, calling Kaneki's name.

Meanwhile, Kaiko's face is shredded into pieces by Take Hirako and V has been defeated. He turns around, seeing lying on the ground with a smile on her face. Renji Yomo holds Enji Koma's body. Koma claims that this is such a pain and asks Yomo if he agrees. Yomo claims that it's okay and tells him to rest. A tearful Nishiki Nishio and a sorrowful Shuu Tsukiyama are shown looking down at Kaya Irimi, who is lying motionless on the ground. Suddenly, it is announced to the remaining ghouls and ghoul investigators to commence retreat. Only 10% of the enemy forces remain and, minus the pursuit squad, everyone is to cease combat. They are to attend to and protect the wounded.

Kaneki hears this and begins to make an escape from the structure. However, as it begins to fall apart around him, he begins to sink under and is trapped. Falling into the darkness, he sees a bright light. He hears a voice greeting him and telling him that they've always been watching him.

At the CCG hospital, Touka Kirishima looks out the window as Saiko Yonebayashi is still in bed for Rc cell over-secretion disease. Saiko calls out her name, telling her that she's scared of waiting.  Touka agrees, holding her hand, and stating that she too is terrified. Touka asks if she wants to wait for Kaneki together, to which Saiko smiles and replies yeah.

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