Outcome (転帰, Tenki) is the one hundred seventy-seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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While engaging in a brutal battle with the various kagune structures within Dragon, Ken Kaneki rationalizes everything that's happened to him. He recalls the statement that he thought of when he became a one-eyed ghoul, that if he were the protagonist of a story, it'd be a tragedy.

Kaneki mentally states that everyone is the protagonist of their own tragedies. People can't help it, because that's who they are. In life, people take and are taken from, follow and be followed, steal and be stolen from, imprison and be imprisoned, do and be done unto, affirm and negate, ceaselessly fight to live, and yet everything would be for naught. Life is sad, but yet despite it all, people still strive to be better, to be able to choose.

While thinking all of this, Kaneki is beating back the Dragon's last vestiges of defense, being constantly overwhelmed and rebounding. Finally, Kaneki makes his way to Dragon's core, knowing that Rize lies within. Shedding a tear, he apologizes to Rize before dealing the final blow.

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