Loss (喪う, Ushinau) is the one hundred seventy-sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Furuta in his childhood had reached the conclusion that the inevitable end of existence made life meaningless. He expected his time in the world, the toy chest, to end just as inevitably and surely, triggering his desire to destroy. He felt sorry for Kaneki, whose struggles were ultimately worthless, the majority of which was avoidable had he not met Rize.

Kaneki acknowledges how pivotal his meeting with Rize was. Despite the suffering he was forced to endure afterwards, he accepted it as necessary to meet the people who made his life worth living. Even if he knew what difficulties and pain would result from meeting Rize, he would do the same. It may be in vain but not to him, he will just keep on in this world that just is.

Furuta fails to understand Kaneki but in wondering if he'll die there, asks Kaneki if he'd laugh at his wish of living a normal life. Kaneki replies "no" and walks away. Alone, Furuta observes him and Rize as children joyfully playing until they fell over each other. The young Furuta wants it to always be this way until they were old. While young Rize is reluctant to be old, young Furuta thinks it'll be fun. In agreement with his younger self, Furuta finally succumbs to his wounds.

Kaneki heads to the oviduct and reconnects with Kimi Nishino via radio. Up ahead is the massive structure holding the source of erethe poison. To stop the poison, it must be destroyed. Before he leaves, she tells him to come back home as Dragon's final defenses swarm Kaneki.

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