Loss (喪う, Ushinau) is the one hundred seventy-sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Nimura Furuta and Ken Kaneki begin to reason with each other. Furuta claims that ever since he was a child, he had known that living, dying, creating, and consuming were meaningless, valueless, and pointless. Your wife, child, friends, and enemies would all one day die and be gone. He refers to the world as a  "toy chest", and to "play" with it while you can before it shuts. Furuta states that he chose to "play with the toy chest" by destroying everything, He refers to Kaneki as a compassionate one that would continuously strive.

Upon the reasoning, Kaneki calls himself a person that could've been anyone. Furata claims that if Kaneki had never met Rize, he would have been spared the burden of playing the tedious role. Kaneki agrees, thinking back to when he was an average human who loved reading books. He further explains that on the fateful day where he first met Rize and became a One-eyed ghoul, everything begun to change for him and that he had suffered. His life was threatened, he was horrifically tortured, unable to achieve what he wanted, and even lost. But he found a plane where he belonged, allies, friends, people he would call teacher, and people he loved. Despite the negative circumstances, he found people and places he appreciated. He says that, in contrast to Furuta's opinion, he doesn't believe his actions were for naught, and that if he'd knew what would've happen, he would still meet Rize Kamishiro that day. He believes that his actions were necessary. He further admits that the world wasn't wrong, and it's just the way it is. Kaneki ends his speech with saying that he would still strive even if everything would be for naught.

Furata says that the one thing he doesn't understand is Kaneki and wonders if he will die. His thoughts are completely contrast to Kaneki's, cursing the world. He then asks the latter if he'd laugh at Furuta's wish of living a normal life. Kaneki replies "no", and walks away. Furuta closes his eyes and visualizes the life he had with Rize. The younger Furuta speaks with the younger Rize if she'd want to be a grandma with him and that he wants things to stay like this. Rize replies that she doesn't want to be a grandma, with Furuta claiming it will be fun. Furuta eventually dies of his wounds.

Kaneki heads further to the oviduct, and regains connection Kimi Nishino via radio. She directs him towards the center of the massive structure and tells him that the source of the poison is inside. Before he leaves, she tells him to come back home as Dragon's final defenses swarm Kaneki. Kaneki begins to look around.

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