Lord of the Bugs (虫の王, Mushi no Ō) is the one hundred seventy-fifth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Nimura Furuta collapses on the ground due to his injuries. As Ken Kaneki gazes upon Furuta's defeat, the latter sings "Kagome, Kagome". Their conversation begins when Furuta asks Kaneki if he believes his actions were all in vain.

At the battle with Goat and CCG versus V, the Taxidermied Owl's movements come to a halt, causing the CCG to surround and hit it with an inhibitor bottle. They say that all is left is the black suits, whom they begin to pinpoint. Suddenly, Enji Koma with the Apes and Kaya Irimi with the Black Dobers appeared with Kaiko. Koma and Irimi's corpses were transformed into autonomous humanoid quinques, a concept developed and abandoned in Germany. Kaiko confirms with Itsuki Marude that the Washuu clan were feeding on the corpses of ghoul investigators and that V's job was to collect them. Kaiko claims that he and the V agents are powerful "kings of the law," and will create a new world order, similarly to the Washuu's former ideal.

Take Hirako and Koori Ui engage Koma and Irimi, until Mougan Tanakamaru arrives, saying that they are "forever". Juuzou Suzuya, Suzuya Squad, and the Quinx Squad came to blows with Kaiko. Renji Yomo arrives to the scene to protect his friends. Kaiko refers to him, Nishiki Nishio, and Shuu Tsukiyama as "pigeons of Kuzen." Eto finally regenerates her head, and deals a blow to Kaiko's right arm, giving him the finger. She then taunts V about their ideology, that an order is meant to benefit everyone on a fundamentally impossible idea, which was why the "balance" has been lost. Suddenly, Naki jumps into the battle along with the White Suits.

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