Do (する, Suru) is the one hundred seventy-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Ken Kaneki once again turns the tide and begins to throw Nimura Furuta around, shocking him. In midst of the battle, a flashback of Furuta's past was shown. He was reading the records of the Washuu Family Tree, and discovered that every child of the branch families die at around the age of 30. Washuu claims that children who are not part of the main family (such as Arima, Kaiko, etc.) do. When asked if they are sick, he replies that their ancestors were selfish and he can not yet tell him that tale. Upon conversing with Tsuneyoshi Washuu, Furuta claims that he will live his life to the fullest.

He dodges and counters Furuta's onslaught all while listening to Furuta's explanation of his goals and how fun it was to watch Kaneki fail from past events. He claim that Kaneki isn't a paragon of justice or the protagonist, instead he is just narcissistic. He claims that Kaneki is the sole fault for breaking in this world and cites his destruction of Tokyo resulting in the deaths of humans and ghouls. Furata says that Kaneki has brought him fun and he mentions how he's failed to protect himself, Anteiku, his false family, and ghoulkind. Furuta ensures him that he will fail again. Upon realizing that Kaneki has been listening rather than fighting, Furuta brings out his kakuja and demands that Kaneki give him "everything." The battle is now even on both sides, until one of Furuta's tentacles makes its way past Kaneki's defenses, slamming him on the ground. Furuta wastes no time and jumps on top of Kaneki, hammering away at him with his kakuja. However, in the midst of his rampage, Kaneki spots an opening. Furuta is struck by the final blow, whilst visualizing himself with Rize Kamishiro, being a family with children.

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