Don't Dodge (去なさん, Inasan) is the one hundred seventy-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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In a flashback that takes place at the Sunlit Garden, a young Kishou Arima was speaking with Yoshitoki Washuu about Nimura Furuta. Yoshitoki states that Furuta was the youngest child in the Furuta Branch Family, causing Arima to note that his form is good. He seemed like a timid sort of boy that would play flowers with the daughters, but his fundamentals are rather decent. He further narrates that Tsuneyoshi Washuu dotes on him more than any of the other illegitimate children. Arima's dialogue ends with saying "his ceiling is set."

In the present, Ken Kaneki is having a fierce fight with Furuta. Furuta taunts him and gains the upper hand even without using his kagune. He asks Kaneki if he'll spare him the chance to have a proper sword fight. Obliging, Kaneki forms a quinque out of his kagune and charges at Furuta. Kaneki overwhelms him with a combination of his quinque and kagune, and deals a ghastly blow to Furuta's face. Furuta simply laughs it off and reveals his own kagune, which has now taken the form of Dragon's. The battle once again turns in Furuta's favor, and right before he's about to deal the finishing blow, Kaneki catches his sword with his teeth and escapes Furuta's grasp. Stating that while Furuta may be Kaneki's superior in cunning and intellect, Kaneki still needs to protect both humans and ghouls. With that, Kaneki unleashes his wing-like kakuja and declares that he'll beat Furuta and save everyone.

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