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Enough (十分, Jūbun) is the one hundred seventy-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Nico watches as Donato Porpora's head falls to the ground, dealt a fatal blow by Koutarou Amon. Able to speak despite his beheaded state, Donato states that he always saw himself as inadequate, and to compensate, he embraced his ghoul nature and relished the bloodshed he wrought on the children of the orphanage he once owned, stating he was just as evil as Amon believed him to be. He goes on to say that, despite Dragon's emergence into Tokyo and all the chaos and death it is bringing, he couldn't care less, as he knows that mankind is ambitious and stubborn enough to continue on living regardless.

Amon responds by looking back on the happier days he spent with Donato, mentioning the donuts that he once prepared for them as snacks, the blankets he brought on cold nights, and the grave he had made when a dog they had adopted died. Amused, Donato asks him if Amon is really nostalgic for those days, knowing what he does now; Amon states that he indeed is. He goes on to state that, despite everything, he was still an orphan who Donato raised as his own, and that the time they spent together was still dear to him. At the same time acknowledging him as a remorseless killer, he asks him, tears pouring down his face, if he is really at fault for loving his father. Donato, in response to this, is momentarily shocked. He then, however, begins to laugh, even as tears pour down his face. He continues to laugh until he dies shortly after.

Meanwhile, Touka Kirishima watches over the still hospitalized Saiko Yonebayashi, who mutters "Maman" to herself as the CCG pursue the "taxidermied Owl" that the Clowns had created.

Elsewhere, Ken Kaneki and Kichimura Washuu stand facing each other back near one of Dragon's oviducts. Kichimura condescends to Kaneki, stating that he was but a sacrifice to Dragon, and he audibly wonders why he has come here; likely to stop Dragon, he believes. However, his musings are cut short as Kaneki strikes with his kagune, now much more massive than before, knocking Kichimura's gas mask from his face. Taken aback his seriousness, Kichimura immediately begins to flee, asking why Kaneki is not asking anything about his plans or motivations; Kaneki merely states that he does not care, and chases him down. All of Kichimura's plans and agendas go through his brain as he mentally monologues, up until he is cornered by Kaneki. He comments on Kaneki's strength and anxiously yells for him to stop.

Suddenly, he suddenly strikes out with a truly massive kagune from the darkness, sending Kaneki flying back and knocking off his gas mask as well. Now much more confident than before, Kichimura mocks Kaneki, calling him an idiotic hoodlum trying to be a hero, and going on to say that he would never lose to the likes of him. He grins, and tells Kaneki that he is actually pretty strong.

In response, Kaneki only rises to his feet, and cracks his finger.