Disappear (きえる, Kieru) is the one hundred seventy-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Renji Yomo approached an injured Uta as the latter sorrowfully reminisced about the past. He felt the same way back then, that he may be abale to kill Yomo, or he may be the one that gets killed. Re thinks back to the time that they wrecked both of their legs and Itori had to carry them home. No matter that bro or how much blood was shed, Uta states that the fight they just had was the most "fun." Uta says that their quarrels were over with, and Yomo leaving with Yoshimura felt like he was leaving to somewhere far away. Uta then reminisces the memory where they both attempted to kill Kishou Arima to avenge Hikari Kirishima and failed. Uta reveals that he simply couldn't cope with the changes in the world. Yomo says that he had the same emotions, that he believed the world was nothing but loss, he tried to convince himself that these situations are inevitable, until Anteiku burned down. When Anteiku disappeared, he couldn't understand what he could've or what should've done, and that if he fought, the future would be different. During the Third Cochlea Raid, he realized that if he didn't want to lose anyone, he had to stand and fight. He admits that Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima being a couple and having a child made him happy, and they taught him that the world was not just loss and despair. Yomo says to Uta that he was allowed to try and eat the former again, but he wants to live to be a grand-uncle, so Yomo will fight Uta with full strength. Yomo asks the crippled Uta to not bother anyone else. He calls this a "special offer" and the two revive their friendship. Renji began to carry Uta to safety. Yomo thinks back to when Kaneki first arrived at Anteku with Touka, he had thought that the two would get together, to which Uta agrees that he had the same idea.  Itori watches the two of them and claims that if it's not for Yomo, Uta won't change. The two friends share memories and laugh.

Despite his wounds, Donato Porpora tells Koutarou Amon to continue fighting him, teasing him. The two proceed to clash repeatedly, while Yumitsu Tomoe noticed that Amon was holding back. Seidou Takizawa explained that he couldn't kill him because he's been clinging on to Donato his childhood, and it would leave him empty, recalling the same situation Kousuke Houji was at when engaging him. He then throws the cross necklace, and questions Amon why he would still wear it. Determined, Amon stands up and continued the fight, destroying Donato's clone. He recalls his old statement of the world being twisted by ghouls, but when he transformed into one, he learned more about the world. He believes that Ghouls would always be feared by humans, and mentally states that Donato was "absolute evil". He then acknowledges that he himself was twisting the world. After finishing the final blow on Donato's torso, he acknowledges how he truly loved him.

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