Evolution and the Stars (進化と星, Shinka to hoshi) is the one hundred seventieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Seidou Takizawa and Yumitsu Tomoe observe the fight between Koutarou Amon and Donato Porpora. Amon is being pummeled around by Donato, as Takizawa and Tomoe converse. Takizawa states that life was full of surprises, and that he came to return something to Amon. Tomoe then asks if he had his own worries, and if he's free, he might do something.

Amon is slammed against a wall and tossed around by Donato's kagune. Tomoe asks if Takizawa preferred Amon to be dead.

Uta chases Renji Yomo across rooftops with his multiple kakuja arms, and eventually slams him to the wall. Yomo dodges an attack and was grabbed, Itori was amused by the brawl. Itori watches as Uta's kakuja eats Yomo, causing the latter to use his pseudo-electrokinesis to break free. Uta states Yomo to be delicious, and the latter attempts to electrocute him, only for Uta to be unharmed. Uta tells Yomo that if the latter didn't have any other choice but to fight for his life, he won't use his full strength. Yomo doesn't understand the ideology, and Uta punches him to another rooftop. Yomo jumps off the building while Uta leaps towards him. Yomo manages to impale Uta upon a lighting rod and electrocuting him, eviscerating his kakuja. He notes that they grew up a long time ago and they don't have time for games anymore.

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