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Popular (モテ, Mote) is the seventeenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Tooru Mutsuki wakes up confused in an unknown location too dark to make out. The last thing he remembers is being in Nutcracker's car with Juuzou Suzuya, who is absent. Swearing to himself, he realizes he is totally alone.

The auction's audience chatter idly as they wait for the auction to start. Kanae von Rosewald, who is in attendance with Matsumae, notices the strange hooded figures off in the corner and wonders if they are Big Madam's bodyguards. Kanae thinks the extra bodyguards as suspicious, though Matsumae seems to not notice and is preoccupied with having good seats.

Among the crowd is another strange figure, Scarecrow, who speaks in symbols. Big Madam sits excited accompanied by Scrappers, hoping for an attractive male slave to purchase.

Suddenly, the stage comes alive as Roma Hoito and Ganbo perform goofy antics in full clown garb. They briefly do a variety of slapstick tricks before Roma pulls on a rope and a clunky looking makeshift "tower" falls onto the stage. The crowd is impressed by the performance. An announcer formally begins the auction by introducing the hosting auctioneers, the Clowns. No Face emerges from the tower and greets the audience.

Mutsuki tries contacting support, but his communicator is useless. Wondering if he is too far away, Mutsuki remembers what happened. A vague memory of being in the car with Suzuya crosses his mind and catching a glimpse of Nutcracker wearing a gas mask as he felt extremely tired. Mutsuki wonders if Haise Sasaki and everyone else knows where he is and what he should do.

Right outside, Nutcracker commands a crate to be moved.

The Clowns present a terrified man, Yoshiki Ookura, a known actor. The Clowns coax the audience into trying to purchase him by appealing to his fans, a few taking interest. Kanae is unimpressed by an aging actor past his prime. A bidding war suddenly breaks out between Big Madam and a male participant. Kanae and Matsumae take special notice.

Still waiting in the wings, Karao Saeki wonders who the flamboyant man who just outbid Big Madam is. Ayato Kirishima explains that he goes by the name Croque Monsieur and that he is in a different group from Big Madam, but has no idea what he does for a living. Saeki is fascinated by the auction and wonders how many years of driving it would take to afford a human. Ayato explains that humans have different prices and the ones currently being auctioned off are the "cheap girls" that the high-class ghouls will not bother with.

Ayato doubts that the ghouls making the purchases see any real value in the humans. Saeki wonders if he'd be able to buy a human. Hinami Fueguchi interrupts, stating she is sensing something wrong.

No Face announces that the next item is not in the catalog as Nutcracker throws Mutsuki onto the stage.