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Towards the Group Factors (群因たちへ, Gun'in tachi e) is the one hundred sixty-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Uta blasts Renji Yomo off the roof top and proceeds to leap behind him. Uta attempts to stab Yomo with his kagune, but is intercepted and the latter kicks him off to another rooftop. Uta refers back to the past where Yomo and Uta were enemies.

Koutarou Amon and Donato Porpora begin their fight when the latter unleashes his cross-like kagune. Donato launched his appendages at him, before Amon rapidly forms a kagune shield from Doujima 1/2, blocking the attack. Amon raises the quinque staff, forming a lance and throwing it towards Donato at incredible speeds. Donato tried blocking the attack with a shield of his own kagune, but in response, Amon managed to cause the quinque to start spinning from afar during the collision, effectively drilling through the man's defenses and piercing through him. Tooru notes that the Taxidermied Owl has suddenly lost power. Donato compares Amon to Haise and compliments his mastery in using both a Quinque and Kagune. Having difficulties regenerating and controlling Taxidermied Owl, Donato was healed by Nico's kagune. The latter started showing his fascination towards Amon's abilities, and even compared them to Haise's. However, Amon was then grabbed by two of Donato's clones from behind, who managed to impale him from the inside out. 

Nimura Furuta, wearing a gas mask, observes some of the Dragon's stems from an underground room and mentions Kanou. He is bewildered by the sight of Kaneki entering the room.

Elsewhere, Uta slashes Yomo across a rooftop as Itori watches the fight from another. Itori speaks that Yomo had been so warm, living only to avenge his sister, but after meeting Yoshimura he changed. He only fought for others like his niece and nephew, and he placed his hopes of Kaneki's future, but things simply aren't clear for her and Uta. Having seen and heard a lot, Itori declares that the world only loves humans and not ghouls. She further states that they "can't warm themselves up", and that a "cold void" stretches out before them. She then says that if they don't wound, or get wounded, or shed blood, they can't taste warmth. As Uta stabs Yomo through the chest, Itori proclaims that the Clowns are ghouls tired of despairing, and they play the "fool on stage" in order to "not go mad."

As Yomo lies defeated on the ground, Uta claims that he had long dreamed of this day where they could battle gruesomely again. Uta calls their fight "fun", in contrast to Yomo who thinks otherwise. Yomo calls Uta his friend, saying that he doesn't want to kill or be killed by him. Uta cheers gleefully, calling him deceit-less, with that factor being the reason why Yomo can trust the world. Uta laughs maniacally, and reveals his kakuja, telling Yomo that he's wanted to devour him for some time and says "make me feel alive, Renji."