Fragrant, But (匂へど, Nioe do) is the one hundred sixty-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Ken Kaneki and Ayato Kirishima plummet down the mountain of sacs as the Dragon's Golems reupted from them. Kaneki and Ayato were being chased by an army of golems, and the latter uses his ukaku kagune to intercept them. Ayato informs Kaneki to press forward because there was no one else that could replace him. As Kaneki left the scene, Ayato grunts and calls him "shitty brother."

According to Itsuki Marude, Taxidermied Owl's attack was shown to have destroyed half of the CCG Investigators at the battle. Kiyoko Aura and Akira Mado arrive to the commanders room. Koori Ui was shown to have been protected from the blast by Juuzou Suzuya in his Arata armour. The Quinx Squad and Suzuya Squad was preparing for another round, as Ching-Li Hsiao motivates Yusa Arima to proceed the fight in order to protect the inhabitants of the Sunlit Garden. The Owl produced large organic crosses from it's torso. As it was about to perform a similar attack, Tooru Mutsuki uses his kagune to restrain the Owl's movements.

Inside the building, an Investigator informs Hideyoshi Nagachika that he heard a "flute-like" noise that he presumed was related to the Owl. Hide ponders of the actual situation, he considered that if the V agents left before the Owl's attack, it would mean that the Owl's movements are planned. Hide tells Akira the Owl was being controlled by someone from the distance. Akira uses her intellect and analyzing the situation, discovers that the Owl's controller to be at south. Hinami Fueguchi uses her superhuman senses and hearing to detect the location of Donato Porpora, Uta and Itori.

The clowns attempt to find a new hiding spot, only for Koutarou Amon to intercept Donato, as the latter used his kagune to block Amon's attack. At the same time, Renji Yomo approaches Uta, saying that he never understood the latter but he's still going to defeat him. Uta responds casually, preparing for battle.

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