Transparent (とうめい, Tōmei) is the one hundred sixty-seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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The Taxidermied Owl proceeds to slaughter dozens of Investigators. The V agents regenerate, revealing to have been ghoulified. Take Hirako asks Kaiko if he did truly inhale the "poison". Kaiko responds and refers to the gas as a "blessing". Kaiko continues to explain: They refer to half-humans as twisted sort, the children of V (Vasuki) and the Sunlit Garden they had short lives because of an "imbalance within their bodies. But if V alters their bodies into the bodies of ghouls, they would be "whole". They call the Dragon the "ark of life". V calls Kishou Arima a fool, because if he were to join them, his accelerated aging would've halted. They then proceed to attack the investigators.

Koori manages to pierce through Eto's torso, only for no result. The Owl seems unconcerned about damage done it its body. Juuzou Suzuya states that the Owl has blasted away his prosthesis. Ayumu Hogi approaches by to fight V, in an attempt to protect an injured Misato, who had protected her. Just as the ghouls join in, Kaiko calls upon the V agents to retreat, and the Owl proceeds to ground pound, causing deadly shock waves.

Meanwhile, Kaneki and Ayato venture into the cave and contact Kimi Nishino via radio. In midst of the journey, Kaneki sees an illusion of Rize Kamishiro. The duo discover a mountain of encased Dragon Golems. Kimi confirms them not to be the poisonous types, and they would've to explore deeper. As the two climbed upward, Kaneki mentally states he felt Rize at the peak. At the near peak, they discover the poisonous types, affecting Ayato and causing them to lose contact with Kimi. The golems suddenly break out of their eggs.

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