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Thin Ice (うすらい, Usurai) is the one hundred sixty-fifth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Koori Ui, Takeomi Kuroiwa and Kuramoto Itou discuss the current circumstances: Over a thousand ROS patients have become unable to keep their food down. They've been able to provide them with essential nutrients through IV, but aren't sure how longer they will be able to do this. When asked if they will have to exterminate the former humans, Ui claims that it will be hard to define. Itou asks Take if his wife is okay with this. Take says that his wife claimed that fighting at times like this is what it means to be an investigator. He agrees with her. The condition is slowly getting worse.

At that rate, the entire human community in the 23rd Ward might be ghoulified. The Quinx Squad visited Saiko Yonebayashi in her hospital ward.

Kimi Nishino confirms the existence of nine oviducts in the Dragon. One of them has reached it's Collapse Phase, but it's unknown about the duration of eliminating every last oviduct. Kimi declares that the poison's source shall be destroyed first. She and the other doctors have discovered that there were golems that carry the toxin and those who don't. After closing in on the numbers of the carrier type, they've determined that the golems were concentrated primarily around a single oviduct. She can be virtually certain there was "something", and that "something" may lead to the solution. She confirms the existence of a large cave beneath that oviduct. Shuu Tsukiyama implies that search teams were to fall prey to the poison if they were to go underneath. Nishiki Nishio suggested that ghouls could be immune. Kimi disproves that idea, because if the poison were inside a ghoul's system, exceeds a certain allowable concentration, and the possibility of their Rc patterns would be affected.

Ken Kaneki suggests himself to go underneath the cave, while Kimi was responding, an explosion erupted from the distance. There was a storm of V agents sent by Nimura Furuta to dispose the CCG. Itsuki Marude was sending in battle units. The goat members and CCG Investigators were preparing to cooperate in the battle, until Hideyoshi Nagachika interrupted and recommended that they should go after the poison source. Hide informed a large search team would attract attention, so Ayato Kirishima agrees to go alone with Kaneki. Kaneki promises Touka Kirishima that he would come back.

The Goat members and CCG Investigators begin their brutal final clash with V, as a distraction that would give Kaneki and Ayato an opportunity to progress underground. Donato Porpora, Uta, Itori and Nico observe the war from a distance. Considering that the acts weren't going as planned, they decide to buy them time by sending "her" out.

Ui notes that V is more separate than usual and that the mess must be inconveniencing Furata. The V agents are being constantly brutalized, until the Taxidermied Owl approaches from the sky.