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The White One (しろい者, Shiroi mono) is the one hundred sixty-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



On screen, Nimura Furuta narrates that the army arrives to battle the Dragon's golems. He attempts to interview one of the golems, only to be attacked. As the golems were being attacked, their heads exploded a certain gas. Itsuki Marude speculates that Furuta might be using an independent system, and sends a team to track him.

As the footage was broadcasted across Tokyo, Furuta narrates the Dragon's system: Those who inhale the poison from the golems would receive ROS and would transform into ghouls. The golems would be endlessly birthing from the oviduct. The "bastard children" would carry energy received from humans to the oviduct, in order to be birthing more golems. If an individual attempts to intercept a golem, they would release their poison and thus increase the numbers. The broadcast ends with Furuta encouraging the "kids" to continue their work.

Kaneki concludes the broadcast to be a recording. Saiko Yonebayashi was revealed to have ROS, with a kagune-like growth from her face. The three were then surrounded by golems. Urie begins to fight off the golems and instruct Kaneki to have Saiko treated at headquarters. Saiko stands up and suggests that she should stay by. Kaneki was contemplating about their current situation, and through frustration of being tired of being unable to do anything, he releases a massive bright kagune and slices all the golems with one blow. As he does this, his body returns it it's pre-Dragon form.

The trio returned to Kimi Nishino to discuss the matter. She concluded Saiko's symptoms, the mass-ghoulification and Kaneki possessing an immunity towards the poison. Urie has faint symptoms but Kimi doesn't believe they will progress further.

Later, Kaneki, looking for Hide, runs into Touka, who directs him. He finally reunites with Hideyoshi Nagachika on a rooftop. Hide compliments Kaneki's appearance, while the latter asks about the copy of Sen Takatsuki's book was from him. Hide humorously asks for fifteen bucks back. Kaneki asks Hide to take off his scarf and reveal the wound which Kaneki inflicted on him during the climax of the Owl Suppression Operation. Hide follows the request, and reveals a painful bite on his mouth with a speaking device attached to his skinless neck. Kaneki bursts into tears, and says how Hide always hid things that Kaneki didn't want to see from him in order to protect him. Kaneki declares that he would bear all he has done, he'll take all the help that he could get, but he wants to be seen doing it. As the sunsets, Kaneki states that he is tired of not being able to do anything.


  • The military unit seen during the broadcast is likely the 1st Infantry Regiment, 1st Division (Eastern Army). This branch of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force is stationed at Camp Nerima, and tasked with engaging in any ground combat within the Tokyo metropolitan area. It currently has roughly 6,300 active duty soldiers.