Unbreakable (不壊, Fue) is the one hundred sixty-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Ken Kaneki was seen wandering the ruined streets of Tokyo, and recalls the aftermath of him waking up. All his allies, except Hideyoshi Nagachika, were amazed by his awakening. Kimi Nishino informs Kaneki that his body was unfathomable and healthy. Kaneki states that his visual field loss and headaches disappeared, implying that the cannibalising the Oggai accelerated his lifespan. Kimi and Nishiki Nishio informs Kaneki of the current cooperation between CCG and Goat, Koutarou Amon than states that Hide was the one that united the two organisations. Kaneki says that he needed to see Hide, but also to explore the city. Kuki Urie arrives to the room, saying that Kaneki must be monitored. Kimi confirms that he wasn't directly causing the rise in ROS cases.

In the present, Kaneki wanders Tokyo while being monitored by Urie and Saiko Yonebayashi. Urie discusses the memories he had with Kaneki when he was Haise Sasaki. Urie advises Kaneki that pondering thoughts alone won't lead to any useful insights. The three notice how electricity has been ceasing activity. Saiko then senses a "ghoul", as Urie attempts to intercept the "ghoul", only for it to be revealed as Ruisawa. Suddenly, Nimura Furuta appears on screen impersonating a live news reporter. He shouts that he would try to communicate with one of Dragon's golems.

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