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Holding a Pomegranate (ざくろ手に, Zakuro te ni ) is the one hundred sixty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



In a medical room, Ken Kaneki was unconscious and was surrounded by Touka Kirishima, Hideyoshi Nagachika, Kimi Nishino, Nishiki Nishio and Kuki Urie. Kimi confirms that she has detected faint brain waves from Kaneki and he is breathing on his own. Upon examination, Kimi and the doctors have discovered multiple unidentified organs but because of the entire situation is beyond the extent of their knowledge and experience, they were unable to act accordingly.

Kimi explains further that the CCG and the research team, in order to eliminate the cause-and-effect relationship between Kaneki and the Dragon, believe that they ought to conduct dissective analyses. It was true that upon extracting Kaneki ,whom they thought was the nucleus, the Dragon has begun disintegrating. However the monstrosities of similar type that had appeared in each ward stood as tall as they did, whilst not moving. In order to improve the current situation, examining Kaneki's body may be necessary. Kimi summarizes that there were other nuclei like Kaneki at presence. She also states that she would be delighted to save him because of him rescuing her from before.

As Kimi left, Hide admits of how mesmerized he was to see Kaneki surviving. When Hide exited, Nishiki complains of Kaneki's lack of dependency. Hinami Fueguchi, Kazuichi Banjou and the Gas Masks arrive. Shuu Tsukiyama arrives with flowers, and was enthralled by the sudden appearances of the Gas Masks, reminiscing of their past. Ayato Kirishima and Miza Kusakari arrive, while the former asks Renji Yomo if he were to go inside the room.

Urie and Tooru Mutsuki discuss Saiko Yonebayashi's current circumstances, when the latter admits that she should avoid Kaneki through all her sins. Urie criticises Mutsuki's action of atonement, advising her to go see Kaneki and explain her barbaric acts, and if she doesn't, nothing will begin. Urie refers back to Ginshi Shirazu's death, and how Kaneki's statement struck him. So he wants to see Kaneki and notify the mistake of his statement: There is a lot of flaws of the world that one couldn't fix. Urie explains further, a person's surroundings, luck and fate intertwine to cause the results they seek. The same goes for Urie, how he never made it alone, and that the people around him had saved him many times. Urie ends the philosophy by saying "I just never noticed. You're shouldering too much of the burden, Everyone is."

Koutarou Amon, Akira Mado and Saiko arrives in the medical room. Meanwhile, Take Hirako, Yusa Arima, Kuramoto Itou and Koori Ui wander the ruins of Tokyo. Itou was considering the circumstances of the ghouls' cooperation. Hirako states "Coexistence and conflict are but ripples in the pond. Even if we've overcome the struggle between humans and ghouls, a terrible revolution would come", in which he confirmed to be Kishou Arima's sentence. Itou suggested the Dragon to be the "revolution," but Hirako denies that. Hirako concludes the discussion with another statement of Arima's: All humans will become ghouls.

Concurrently, CCG doctors were gathering a large series of highly sick patients suffering ROS and were transforming into ghouls. Itsuki Marude predicts that the Dragon had other aims. In the medical room, Kaneki wakes up to the sight of all his allies slouching in the same room and greets them.