Come, You Sweet Hour of Death (来たれ、汝甘き死の時よ; Kitare, nanji kan ki shi no toki yo) is the one hundred sixty-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Touka Kirishima, Kuki Urie, Tooru Mutsuki, and Saiko Yonebayashi are all shocked as they stare at the uncovered body of Ken Kaneki; however, he shows no signs of life. After a moment, they report on his status; while Itsuki Marude congratulates them and the CCG begin celebrating, Hideyoshi Nagachika merely sits there, forlorn. Marude requests that they bring Kaneki's body from analysis. After several more moments, Urie remarks that Shinsanpei Aura and Ching-Li Hsiao will meet up with them back on the ground.

Urie begins to remove Kaneki's body from the rest of Dragon; however, numerous tendrils suddenly emerge and fend him off, and begin to drag Kaneki back inside. Saiko begins fighting them off with her kagune, slashing away the tendrils; however, to the group's horror, one of them explodes, and her right eye transforms into a kakugan as her kagune begins spasming out of control, with tendrils similar to Dragon's beginning to emerge. As Saiko struggles to get her kagune back under control, Urie cuts Kaneki free of Dragon with his kagune. As they begin to escape, one of Dragon's eyes violently detonates; with the removal of Kaneki, the entirety of Dragon has begun to collapse. The autonomous kagune monsters Dragon previous spawned stop in their tracks, before returning to Dragon. Kimi Nishino is asked if she is going to celebrate Dragon's destruction; however, she states that she will not. Koutarou Amon, Akira Mado, and Juuzou Suzuya wait at the camp, where Juuzou asks if they were able to retrieve Haise. However, Touka, the Quinx, and company arrive wordlessly, with Kaneki in a body bag.

Elsewhere, in the 19th Ward, members of V walk through the streets. A man devours a corpse, muttering apologies. Someone else shivers violently in their bed, and another vomits appears that, for whatever reason, several humans have begun to transform into ghouls.

They reach what appears to be a still-intact portion of Dragon, where a woman floats within a fleshy bulb. She quickly rips free, and one of the members of V steps forward, revealing him to be Kichimura Washuu; he greets the woman, a white haired Rize Kamishiro, and calls her his "precious dragon".

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