Mourning (忌, Ki) is the one hundred sixty chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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On the streets of Tokyo, the CCG battles the kagune monsters spawned by Dragon as Itsuki Marude watches Dragon resolutely; it's 72 hour period of inactivity is over, and all of its eyes have opened completely.

Elsewhere, Touka Kirishima, still looking for Kaneki's body, releases her kagune and showers projectiles around her immediate surroundings. Noticing noises coming from one of the wounds she's created, she immediately begins to dig through it with her bare hands, even as her fingernails break. She eventually finds the ring she had given to Kaneki...held by an inhuman arm, embedded with several eyes.

Horrified but determined to save her husband, she continues digging, only to be assailed by Dragon's kagune monsters, noticeably more deformed than earlier, bearing an assortment of mouths and eyes across their bodies. Touka, as she is overwhelmed, is thrown across Dragon's body. As she rises, noticeably wounded and exhausted, a hulking, multi-armed kagune creature appears behind her.

Before it can attack, it is promptly eviscerated by the attacks of Tooru Mutsuki, Kuki Urie, and Saiko Yonebayashi, who form a defensive phalanx around Touka. While Mutsuki gives Touka a brief glance, he does nothing. Touka, now backed by the Quinx, continues to dig through Dragon's flesh and successfully uncovers Kaneki's body.

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