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Right (右, Migi) is the sixteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



The Auction Mopping-up Operation begins in one week and Juuzou Suzuya and Hanbee Abara discuss plans over snacks; their primary subject is Haise Sasaki's issues with the Quinx Squad. They're interrupted by Tooru Mutsuki who requests training from Juuzou. Juuzou asks Hanbee to leave them so that they can work.

At the Chateau, Saiko Yonebayashi and Ginshi Shirazu complain that there is nobody at home that knows how to cook. Saiko settles for instant food, but Shirazu changes the subject to talk about practice, which Saiko confuses for something else. Before they continue their conversation, Hanbee visits them to invite them out for lunch.

At a restaurant, Hanbee, Saiko, and Shirazu have small talk about work and their avocations. When they finish, Hanbee comments on their large appetites and wonders if it is related to them being Quinx. Saiko mistakes this for a compliment until Shirazu tells her otherwise. Saiko and Shirazu thank Hanbee for treating, but he suggests that they go someplace else. Saiko assumes that they are in trouble for eating so much.

Juuzou trains Tooru in multiple dagger use, but his abilities seem too intimidating to imitate. Tooru asks if Juuzou is afraid of injuring himself with his own knives, but Juuzou knows no pain. He divulges his fears about fighting and losing control like Haise did. To conciliate himself, Juuzou repeats a quote about the nature of fear via a fire metaphor and how it relates to the Quinx. Tooru is impressed by the quote and Juuzou says he learned it from his teacher.

Hanbee brings Saiko and Shirazu to a hospital where he greets a comatose Yukinori Shinohara. Hanbee briefly talks about Shinohara and how Juuzou would be his last partner if he never wakes up. He can sympathize with his boss and does not think he would even be able to bring himself to visit if he were in a similar situation. Afterward, Hanbee has someone else to visit so he departs.

On their way out, they bump into Touka Kirishima, who Shirazu recognizes from Re. They politely greet each other before Touka leaves. Noticing the bouquet of flowers, Shirazu wonders if she is visiting someone. Having never seen Touka before, Saiko asks what she is to Shirazu, but her methods are confusing.

Throughout the week, Haise trains hard with most of his squad in preparation for the upcoming mission, the only one absent being Kuki Urie who prefers to train alone. On the day of the auction, a large mass of investigators gathers around in preparation. Tooru and Haise share their gratitude even though they are both clearly nervous.

Tooru and Juuzou meet Nutcracker.