S (S, Esu) is the one hundred fifty-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Kaneki and Rize glimpse at a beautiful view of the imaginary nature and ocean from a hovering platform of the shrine. Rize stood straight up, contrast to Kaneki laying down on his side, stunned with grief.

Rize recalls the memory of being crushed by steel beams, as she views the people "they" killed fall into the ocean. She continues to taunt Kaneki, and talks of her days at the Sunlit Garden, how she was a "seedbed".

Rize torments Kaneki even more, until he admits his true motivations of wanting to be needed by someone. Rize then compared Kaneki to her, how they both trampled everything around them for personal gains. Rize refers the memory where they first reunited, and that Kaneki admitted that he never hated her despite the circumstances. Rize admits how she hated him, for if she hadn't met him, she wouldn't have been in her miserable situation. Kaneki states that because they met, he did many incredible activity and met people he was glad to have met. Their conversation ends when Kaneki says that he was happy.

Prior to their discussion, Kaneki begins to swim across the ocean. Rize asks if he was going to "look past at your sins". Kaneki responds that he will "try to bear them". Rize amusedly state him drowning would be interesting.

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