Right (是, Ze) is the one hundred fifty-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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The illusion of "Rize" strolls across the river towards Kaneki, who was astounded by her arrival. Kaneki asks why she's there and questions her statement of calling him a murderer and horrifiedly says that he needed to save his friends. "Rize" laughs and taunts Kaneki, saying that his friends' situation was because they were associated with him.

Rize asks him what exactly he had planned to do. Kaneki responded that he would have solved the food crisis, reformed his broken ranks, and beat Furuta, Rize pursues to scoff at him. She calls him a dictator for his methodology of forcing humans and ghouls to talk to each other. Rize brings Kaneki to Goat's home base which ended up being crumpled by the latter's own hand. He thinks she's lying, so Rize has Kaneki to touch her hand, seeing the deaths of the people he killed. He gets taken aback and beings to cry and sweat profusely.

She asks him if their discussion was truly possible, to protect everyone and create a world where humans and ghouls co-exist. She claims that is was because Kaneki took action that people died and that he should have done nothing in the first place. Rize becomes distorted and sadistically taunts the sobbing Kaneki, saying that it would've been better if he never did anything from the beginning. She then asks "This is what you wanted, right?".

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