Interior (うちがわ, Uchigawa) is the one hundred fifty-sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Kuki Urie, stabbed by Tooru Mutsuki, asks why he hasn't killed him yet. Mutsuki pauses for a moment, before angrily flinging him off of her kagune. Mutsuki angrily assaults Urie, easily overwhelming him, only for Saiko Yonebayashi to get between the two. She says that Mutsuki is a part of their family, and that she'll stop her; but Mutsuki vehemently denies this, saying her family consists of her deplorable father, her horrible mother, and her awful brother, and stabs straight through Saiko's torso.

Saiko, wounded, asks why Mutsuki is fighting them; Mutsuki only furiously attacks once again, only for Urie to rise and protect Saiko with his own body. An exhausted and distraught Mutsuki stops attacking, saying that she won't stop and that she's made her choice. However, Saiko poses him a question; if she's really so resolute, then why does she look so pained?

Mutsuki, devastated, falls to her knees as her kagune dissipates. Mutsuki wearily looks back on his life; when she had been taken by Torso, when she had become a Quinx, when she had been born; and states that she wish that she had just died. Stating that, despite this, living with the Qs had brought her comfort, Mutsuki faces her true feelings; that she ultimately feels like she is somebody who should be dead. Tearily apologizing, Mutsuki thrusts her own knife towards her throat.

Saiko quickly knocks Mutsuki's knife out of his hand, declaring that she loves Mutsuki; Urie agrees, saying that he'll stop her no matter how many times he needs to; with this, Mutsuki bursts into tears.

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