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Several Lies (いくつかの嘘, Ikutsu ka no uso) is the one hundred fifty-fifth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



The chapter opens with a flashback; Tooru Mutsuki is shirtlessly washing his clothes in the bathroom, when Haise Sasaki accidentally walks in on him. Despite clearly seeing that Mutsuki is biologically female, Haise merely apologizes and leaves.

Back in the present, Mutsuki has unleashed a massive multi-eyed kagune with a marked resemblance of Dragon while battling Kuki Urie and Saiko Yonebayashi; despite Urie blocking with his own kagune, Mutsuki's strikes are still powerful enough to make blood shoot from his ear.

Mutsuki remarks that she does not truly want to kill Saiko, but that she "has no choice". A distressed Saiko says that both her and Urie were worried about her ever since Dragon emerged into Tokyo, but that she doesn't understand what Mutsuki is trying to accomplish. With a notably solemn look, Mutsuki merely states that "this will all be over soon", while his kagune wells up around him.

Meanwhile, Shinsanpei Aura is still battling Touma Higemaru and Ching-Li Hsiao. Covering her legs with her kagune, Hsiao manages to run up on him and punch him in the face. She then defeats and restrains Aura. As Aura acknolweges her strength, to his surprise, Hsiao tells him that his aunt, despite her legless state, is still participating in the operation to defeat Dragon; elsewhere, she heading down the road, with another investigator pushing her in a wheelchair. Hsiao says that she'll say that Aura had been helping them, and that she likes the life that the Qs lead and that she doesn't want to abandon him.

Higemaru catches up with Hsiao, and tells Aura that, although he himself is unsure about the CCG's alliance with the ghouls, that an end to the hostilities between them is really the important thing. Aura thinks on this for a moment, before asking if they can help him back up to his feet.

Elsewhere, Mutsuki still battles Saiko and Urie; Urie recalls Sasaki's words to him when he became Squad Leader, that "the squad leader ought to be somebody that can act for the good of the team." He goes on to say that he won't abandon Mutsuki, but he won't let him hurt Saiko, either. Scathingly, Mutsuki denounces him as lying, going on to say that he can tell because he himself is a liar. Mutsuki recants his experience when Sasaki had accidentally walked in on him in the bathroom long ago, saying that he had lied on two counts; once, by averting his eyes as if he had seen nothing, and by having never revealed that he knew Mutsuki was truly a woman all along. However, Mutsuki only states his admiration for Sasaki lying for the sake of others, unlike him, who lies for himself. He asks if they wouldn't abandon him even if he eats meat. He mentions that Saiko had noticed how defiled he had become, but he wanted the power and strength to obtain what he desired and there's nothing he will not do.

Deriding Urie's refusal to abandon him, despite all that he's done, he declares that if Urie wants to stop him, he will have to kill him, while running him through with his kagune; however, Urie grabs his kagune, and defiantly refuses.