Trace (トレース, Torēsu) is the one hundred fifty-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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The Quinx Squad arrive at the scene. Kuki Urie tells Touka to go. Urie tells Mutsuki that they're in the middle of an operation. Mutsuki tells Shinsanpei Aura that he couldn't believe that the CCG would join forces with ghouls. Urie says that it's what the "higher ups" have decided and that he agrees with them. Mutsuki gets enraged and attacks Urie with his kagune. Urie tells Ching-Li Hsiao and Touma Higemaru to engage in combat with Aura, while he and Saiko Yonebayashi engage with Mutsuki. Meanwhile, Hsiao and Higemaru are chasing Aura. Higemaru attacks Aura with his kagune but Aura dodges it. Hsiao comes from behind and kicks him while calling out to Higemaru who impales Aura with his kagune asking why as friends, they have to fight each other. Higemaru says that they have no choice but to fight alongside ghouls because that's how bad things are. Aura shouts back that it's crazy and like Mutsuki stated, they can't just kiss and make up now. Or perhaps, there shouldn't be, and that's how it should be. He goes on to rant that allying with ghouls is an insult to the CCG investigators that laid down their lives and humans should fight as humans. He prepares his kagune and yells that as a human, he has to fight with pride in who he is. Hsiao blocks the attack from Aura but could only hold it for so long. Higemaru calls out to Hsiao and uses his kagune to block Aura's second attack. But Aura manages to kick Higemaru and Hsiao at the same time and push them back. Aura yells that he couldn't understand why they would join hands with ghouls. He mentions that ever since he was born, his aunt, Kiyoko Aura, has spent her entire life fighting ghouls and he looks up to her. He tells Higemaru to remember what ghouls did to his uncle and also tells Hsiao that how painful was the death of First Class Ihei. He says that he wanted to protect his aunt. Hsiao kicks Aura in the neck and says that if he wants to protect her, then what he is doing here and calls him a wimp. Urie and Saiko prepare to fight Mutsuki. He attacks with his kagune only to be blocked by Urie's kagune shield. Saiko comes from mid-air and screams Mucchan to Mutsuki. Her kagune punch was about to hit Mutsuki but Mutsuki traces the same kagune and uses it to block her punch. Saiko and Urie are shocked to find out that Mutsuki's Rc level is 3 and that he's been suppressing them. Mutsuki says that he couldn't care less if he died, unleashing a terrifying kagune.

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