One Piece of Trash (ゴミひとつ, Gomi hitotsu) is the one hundred fifty-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Kuki Urie, Saiko Yonebayashi, Touma Higemaru, and Ching-Li Hsiao watch Dragon as the ground rumbles, while other CCG operatives wonder if their 72 hour grace period has ended early. While a member of the CCG begins to shout for Itsuki Marude to pull back the members of CCG still on Dragon, Kimi Nishino convinces him otherwise, stating that it's merely responding to external stimuli (presumably Tooru Mutsuki, who is still battling Touka Kirishima, having cut into one of it's eyes) and that if it were to really start moving again then it's mass would increase ten-fold, meaning that the current operation may be their only chance to stop Dragon.

On one of the portions of Dragon, countless humanoid kagune creatures emerge and immediately begin killing and devouring any investigators that cross their path; Katsuya Mabuchi estimates that they are outnumbered 100 to 1. However, as Koutarou Amon and Suzuya Squad strike back, they realize that the kagune creatures can be harmed by quinques, and begin to counterattack, with Marude telling the the ghouls and Quinxes to continue searching for Ken Kaneki. While doing so, however, Kuki Urie and the rest of the Qs come across the incapacitated body of Miza Kusakari, and Urie identifies the knife wounds on her body as having come from one of Mutsuki's knives.

Still some distance away, Touka is struggling against Mutsuki, who is able to dodge or destroy any projectiles Touka's kagune fires towards him. She is beginning to be overwhelmed by the combination of knives and kagune. While attempting to dodge Mutsuki's own kagune, Touka is struck and Mutsuki violently grabs her by the neck, remarking that she was much faster the last time they had fought. While Mutsuki begins graphically describing how he intends on killing Touka, she defiantly kicks Mutsuki away from her, declaring that "her husband is still waiting for her". As Mutsuki lays on the ground, he repeats what Touka said, shocked; "husband".

Before Touka is able to completely recover, however, she is attacked from behind and quickly defeated by Shinsanpei Aura, who states to Mutsuki that he's captured her. Mutsuki, visibly disturbed, repeats the word "husband" to himself while approaching with his knife, the rest of the Quinx squad finally arrives, with Urie telling him to stop.

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