One Sacrifice (一柱, Icchū) is the one hundred fifty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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The chapter opens with the still dormant Ken Kaneki coiled around a skyscraper, with several hooded figures wielding metal detectors standing on him. Previously, Touka Kirishima had explained to Itsuki Marude that she had given Kaneki a ring, which Juuzou confirms to have saw around his neck. Kimi Nishino exclaims that metal detection may be a viable method to locate Kaneki's body within Dragon. Though it initially appeared that there were not enough metal detectors for it to be feasible, owing to Dragon's massive size, Shuu Tsukiyama called his father, who is currently helping the families affected, who in turn was able to call in a favor with Prime Minister Wakayama and immediately transport large amounts of metal detectors to the CCG. Marude is surprised that they received so many in a short amount of time. Marude inquires if Wakayama is a ghoul as Mirumo claims that he knew the prime minister's father in college. Despite being outed as ghouls, the Tsukiyama family has come to the aid of the country, transporting and saving lives. Marude notes that the public will lose it over this. Mirumo leaves and thanks him, from one Japanese citizen to another.

Back in the present moment, Koutarou Amon can be seen searching for Kaneki at one part of Dragon, while Matsuri Washuu and Juuzou Suzuya search elsewhere. They note that this is similar to searching for a needle in a haystack. Touka and Miza Kusakari, accompanied by several other ghouls, are conversing. Hinami mentions that she can't use her exceptional smell to locate him because the kagune's scent is too odorous. Miza mentions that she wants to "only look at happy things from here on". Soon after, Miza gets a reading on her metal detector and begins to hurry towards the source, as Marude notes that the Quinx Squad is nearby, giving them orders to move in.

As Kuki Urie, Saiko Yonebayashi, Ching-Li Hsiao, and Touma Higemaru move towards the source of the reading, Miza notes that the reading is getting stronger; however, they are abruptly ambushed by Tooru Mutsuki, who savagely lashes out with his kagune. While the accompanying ghouls in Touka's group are immediately killed, Miza manages to save Touka, though in the process she falls off of Dragon. Touka manages to defend herself from Mutsuki's attacks, and while doing so, furiously asks him why he still insists on getting in the way. Mutsuki, with an unsettling grin, screams that as long as Kaneki does not become somebody else's, he does not care; at the same time, his kagune strikes into one of Dragon's eyes.

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  • The chapter's title refers to Hitobashira (人柱, human pillar), an ancient practice of human sacrifice. Sacrifices were buried alive underneath or near a structure in hopes that the gods would protect it from disaster. The term is also used to describe the fate of workers lost to inhumane and unsafe work conditions.

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