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Get Out (出てく, Deteku) is the one hundred fifty-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Touka Kirishima translates information on the Naagaraji, as they call the Underground King, provided by the three ghoul children from the depths of the 24th Ward to Itsuki Marude and Juuzou Suzuya. Touka translates that in order to stop their king, the ghouls attacked all at one. They didn't make a dent but whenever they attacked one of the king's "eyeballs" his attacks dulled.The Underground King turned to stone after the ghouls of the 24th Ward destroyed all the eyeball structures on his massive kagune body. Kimi Nishino states that eyeball structures are commonly found on kagune areas where RC cells cluster and that RC cells cluster most densely near kakuhou. Ayato Kirishima states that it is highly likely that the main body of Dragon is in the vicinity of one of the eyeballs on its kagune body.

Continuing her research, Kimi thinks that Kaneki can be found within Dragon using sonar technology and searches Kanou's experiments. Nishiki Nishio enters the room with a can of coffee, finally reunited with his girlfriend. Nishiki reveals he learned that Kimi was held captive by Aogiri Tree and had looked for her endlessly, but never expected to meet her again in the CCG. Kimi reveals that she joined Akihiro Kanou on her own free will to become his assistant as there was no other person who was like him in the world of ghoulogy and that Kanou created a situation in which the world had to pursue ghoul research via the creation of Kaneki. Kimi wishes that she, a human, could live with Nishiki, a ghoul without being judged by humans via research in ghoulogy that may contribute to the field of medicine and change the attitudes of humans towards ghouls. Nishiki expresses doubt that humans and ghouls could live in harmony as Kaneki, a ghoul in the form of Dragon, had killed countless humans. Kimi corrects him by saying that Kaneki is a human in the form of Dragon and that ghouls are now helping humans to solve a problem caused by a human, which is evidence that humans and ghouls can indeed live in harmony.

Civilians are directed to shelter away from Dragon by police forces and ghouls.

Kuki Urie leaves Saiko Yonebayashi, Touma Higemaru and Ching-Li Hsiao by themselves to rest up. He meets with Matsuri Washuu and they talk about the current situation. Matsuri tells Urie that the legendary one-eyed ghoul was from the Washuu Clan who started a revolution against the clan and was driven to the depths of the 24th Ward. He adds that why Kaneki in his Dragon form looks similar to the legendary one-eyed ghoul's Naaga form is probably due to Kaneki's kakuhou which originated from a Washuu Clan member. If he were to retrace history, Matsuri would choose to drive Dragon to the depths of the 24th Ward as well. When questioned on why he is helping the allied forces of the CCG and ghouls, Matsuri states that he intends to have his revenge on V, the people who killed his father.

Agents of V confront the evacuating civilians and ghouls. Kyouhei Morimine, among the civilians, narrowly dodges their attacks. Ikuma Momochi saves his life by deflecting an attack with his kagune shield. Takeomi Kuroiwa appears and drives the agents of V off.

Hideyoshi Nagachika and Touka observe Kaneki in his Dragon form from afar. On Touka's suggestion, Hide takes off his scarf to enjoy the breeze, despite his embarrassment. Since Hide removed his mask, he asks to get beneath hers. Hide asks Touka when she began liking Kaneki, and she bashfully reveals that she liked him after he told her that he would be saddened if she died. She hopes that she'll be able to save Kaneki to repay him for saving her constantly in the past. Hide asks her about their marriage and wonders if he gave her a ring. Touka remembers that she gave Kaneki her father's ring and realizes that it may be the key to finding Kaneki within Dragon.