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Ark (箱舟, Hakofune) is the one hundred fiftieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



The CCG disuss the possible further actions of Dragon, until Kimi Nishino shows an origami crane and states it as "the kagune's true form". She then explains that the surface area of the paper crane was 40% of the original paper, while being unfolded makes it look like 2.5 times the size of the paper crane. Nishino also states Akihiro Kanou's definition of a kagune: it is similar to a piece of origami folded numerous times, and during the process a structure is forming within. The process is called "collapsible structure".

The same nurse then stated that Dragon is manifested with numerous kakuhou, and that there should be an "unbelievable number of paper cranes within". They develop the idea of trying to find the main body inside the kagune, and the extreme difficulty of it. Nishino guesses that it would take 200 years for the kagune to dissolve.

As soon as they were about to discuss the main body's physical appearance, an investigator calls Itsuki Marude to the gate for the fact that it's dominated with the masked members of Goat. It was then that Hideyoshi Nagachika, Akira Mado and Koutarou Amon approach the front of the army, at that moment the investigators were surprised at the sight of Amon, an investigator that was presumed dead. Marude asks Hide to explain what is happening as Mougan asks for someone to fetch him is Higher Mind. Hide explains that he brought Goat by to help the CCG take down Dragon/save Ken Kaneki. Marude was angered by the offer to cooperate with ghouls. Hide reveals to the CCG that the true form of Dragon was Ken Kaneki, shocking the investigators another time.

Koori Ui, Take Hirako and Juuzou Suzuya enter the room and Ui reveals that Kichimura Washuu was using the role of Bureau Director for his plans to unleash Dragon. He faked Kaneki's execution to gain the CCG's trust while working underground. He mentions that they were all deceived. Ui is surprised that he has come back to see ghouls on CCG grounds and Amon and Marude back from the dead. He silently hopes that Arima and Hairu are around the corner.

Hide asks the CCG to help the ghouls dig out Kaneki. Ui directs him to the CCG's face for their answer. He says that it is impossible for the CCG to ally themselves with ghouls and orders them to leave before they are exterminated. An argument breaks out about the cooperation with ghouls. It was then Amon reminded the investigators about the preface about being an investigator: to maintain peace, the most important value. This dialogue then motivated Saiko Yonebayashi and Keijin Nakarai to accept. As the argument went on, the ghouls threw off their masks to unveil their true faces, shocking the investiagators. Touka Kirishima mentions pride and calls the whole debate rubbish and that they are going to do whatever it takes. Marude became amazed by the group. Suzuya then agreed with the cooperation because he believes that would be something Yukinori Shinohara would do. Marude says to Suzuya that he is an adult and should be making his own decisions. He claims that if Juuzou would be willing to join hands with the ghouls, the rest of the investigators will follow his footsteps. Suzuya responds with a cheerful acceptance.

The CCG gladly accepts Goat's cooperation.