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Great Effort (更努, Kōdo) is the fifteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Eto approaches Ayato Kirishima with a message from Tatara; he is offered a bodyguard job at the upcoming auction ran by Big Madam, so is expected to pay well. After confirming that Naki and Miza will be on his team, he agrees. Before leaving, Eto tells Ayato that if Floppy shows, to "finish it". Ayato is displeased at the request.

Later, Ayato visits Hinami Fueguchi who is busy analyzing audio. He briefly greets Karao Saeki who is observing as Hinami simultaneously listens to multiple sound clips to gather data. Torso compliments Hinami's abilities and Ayato apologizes for interrupting. Ayato asks about the data and Hinami confirms that the CCG is also interested in Floppy.

Ayato informs Hinami about the mission and asks her to be his "ears" and Hinami agrees. He asks Saeki to come as well for experience. Never having attended a large-scale mission, Saeki wonders what the people at the auction will be like. He laments over feeling alone at night without a cold body and thinks of Tooru Mutsuki.

At The Chateau, Haise Sasaki trains his squad in hand-to-hand combat. He easily dispatches Tooru, then Ginshi Shirazu, despite the latter using a weapon. Disappointed by his subordinates' results, he chastises them but remembers Saiko Yonebayashi, who has not approached Haise, was on the floor playing dead. Haise pinches her cheeks as punishment, unamused.

Afterward, Shirazu and Saiko rest while Haise teaches Tooru how to dual wield knives. Observing from afar, Shirazu comments on how Haise is working hard, but Saiko disagrees and complains about losing weight. Shirazu notices Kuki Urie from the window in another room.

Alone in his work area, Urie sniffs his paint and notes no difference yet. Having just received the operation, he is not too concerned and will have to wait for combat to test his Kagune.

He recalls attending a meeting with Yoshitoki Washuu about gaining approval to have his frames released, claiming it is to improve his squad's abilities and that he could not get permission from his mentor. Regardless, Yoshitoki thinks Urie is being bold for requesting his permission and questions if Urie's motives are revenge for his father, but Urie denies it while losing patience.

Kishou Arima enters the office and stands beside Urie to speak with Yoshitoki about the "Arata replacement medium incident". Yoshitoki informs Arima about Urie wanting to have his frames released and asks his opinion, making a Urie more anxious. Arima asks Urie if he is aware of the risks. Urie claims he does, so Arima sees no problem and is confident that Urie can handle the surgery. Yoshitoki agrees but worries that Haise will hate him.

Still in his workspace, Urie recalls the gaiety of his talent being acknowledged by Arima and paints passionately. He is confident that he can control his power and will not lose control like his mentor.  

He notes the pungent smell of turpentine.

Elsewhere, Kanae von Rosewald hunts for ingredients to present to his master, Shuu Tsukiyama. He laments over his master's debilitated state, having gone into a deep depression after Ken Kaneki disappeared. He thinks about how a ghoul who becomes too attached to one prey will destroy their self and hopes for Shuu to seek other prey. Kanae wishes Haise to be killed by his hands if he is Kaneki. He considers participating the upcoming auction.