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Splitting Bamboo (破竹, Hachiku) is the one hundred forty-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Shuu Tsukiyama's outburst shocks and silences everyone. He states that Ken Kaneki always held humanity in his heart for humans and ghouls even when he encountered thousands of ghoul investigators and lost his memories. He adds that such a person would never resort to taking lives as a means of revenge against humans. In tears, he asks if he is the only one who wants to see Kaneki happy. Tsukiyama goes on to say that Kaneki cannot read the books he loves, drink his coffee, speak with his friends and loved ones nor cradle his own child in the state he is in right now. Tsukiyama adds that he needs to watch over Kaneki by his side as the latter achieves his own goals and hopefully, he gets the chance to have a taste of Kaneki and his child one day.

Nishiki Nishio stops him from rambling on further, and states that he intends to give Kaneki a piece of his mind for dragging him along with him since Anteiku till where he is right now. Kazuichi Banjou acknowledges that Kaneki is strong but wishes that he would rely on others more, while Hinami Fueguchi wishes to thank Kaneki. Touka Kirishima wants to give her child a name, but admits to being bad at Japanese. Tsukiyama, who has spent a lot of time thinking about it, suggests a number of male and female names, but is rejected by Touka. Everyone's moods are lifted once again. Disappointed that she was unable to manipulate the survivors of Goat into watching on till the end by the sidelines, Itori walks away. Ayato Kirishima returns after a long absence from his investigation in the depths of the 24th ward with his group and the ghoul children they found, asking everyone what their next move is.

At his mother's grave, Akihiro Kanou comments on how his father's and half his own were spent on doing a task that would never be completed. He states that his only redeeming factor is that he succeeded in completing his task and hopes that Kurona Yasuhisa, standing on a tree behind him, would be able to redeem herself. Kanou wishes that he would have been able to visit his mother's grave in peace, before Kurona unleashes her kagune at him, knocking off his umbrella.

Kanou states that Kichimura Washuu ended up coming through and that the ghoul information the Washuu had worked endlessly to keep secret will be revealed thanks to Dragon. He remarks that ghoul research will finally progress as people will realize that it can be applied in the field of medicine besides being utilized in the building of quinque. He laments that if ghoul research being used in medicine happened sooner, his mother's life could have been saved. Kanou explains that the Washuu clan came from the Middle East and practiced cannibalism over and over in their long history, enabling them to be able to transform into a kakuja state since birth and empowering the blood inside them. He explains that this is why he used Rize Kamishiro as a base for his experiments for she was a powerful Washuu. Using her kakuhou, Kanou made his prototype Kaneki, experimented on Kurona, Nashiro Yasuhisa, Seidou Takizawa and Koutarou Amon, mass produced test subjects like Hajime Hazuki and the Oggai, and gave Kichimura a nucleus. Now that the prototype has eaten up the mass products and taken up the nucleus, Kanou's work has finally reached its end.

Kurona argues that none of his efforts will matter if Dragon destroys the city, which Kanou does not mind. Kurona exclaims that his selfishness dragged her and her sister into becoming one-eyed ghouls and tells him to die and atone for his sins, preparing to strike with her kagune. Kanou states that he has no interest in atonement for he has no regrets and envies Kurona for he is not the kind of person to hold a grudge, before pointing a gun at his temple. Kanou apologizes to Kurona one last time and pulls the trigger.

Kuramoto Itou and Ayumu Hogi, along with other investigators, show up at the cemetery to find Kanou's lifeless body and Kurona nowhere in sight. Katsuya Mabuchi reports this to Itsuki Marude who quotes Hideyoshi Nagachika's words that their insurance will appear should Kanou be dead, though the two do not really know what those words mean. Kimi Nishino and the rest of Kanou's assistants meet up with Matsuri Washuu, bringing along information on Dragon.

Tsukiyama, Nishiki, Banjou, Ayato, and Miza Kusakari have a discussion on what they should do next, while Touka looks after Renji Yomo. They propose putting together a scouting party to get close to Kaneki now that the CCG is busy with their own matters. Miza proposes that they dig underground to get to where Kaneki is. Tsukiyama decides to get shovels, Banjou contemplates if it will work, and Nishiki makes a snide remark that they will get Kaneki out by the time he is 80 years old. The five continue to stress over on what they should do next.

Ayato hears something and Touka goes over to have a look. With Amon and Akira Mado by his side, Hide cheerfully asks if Touka and the others want to go dig up Kaneki.